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By Phil Plait | September 24, 2012 12:30 pm

I’m on a lot of social media stuff: Twitter (which I feed directly to Facebook), reddit, Fark, and so on. I get quite a few ideas for blog posts on these sites, and of course get lots of support. I also can simply chatter when I feel like it, making jokes, linking to things I like, and so on.

I find myself spending more time on Google+ lately. I like it better than all the other stream-based media; it gives me more room than Twitter, isn’t as all-fire irritating as Facebook, and with some minor exceptions I like the interface. I’ll sometimes even drop into the video hangouts, like chat rooms where you can actually see the other folks involved. Speaking of hangouts, you should circle Fraser Cain no matter what anyway. He runs the Live Star Party hangout with live feeds from telescopes around the world, which is awesome.

I post things on G+ I wouldn’t put here on the BABlog for a variety of reasons; simple musings, crowd-sourced stuff, ideas dealing more with online life. If you’re on G+, here’s my page.

Speaking of which, I still have two Facebook pages; my personal one, and my "fan" page (note: due to the limit FB puts on the number of friends a personal page can have, I can no longer accept friend requests there. The fan page has no such limit, however). And I’m still blurting away on Twitter, of course.

I’ll note that sometimes, when things get busy and I don’t have time to write a full-blown blog post, I’ll use these media to link to cool stuff others are doing, too. So I’d recommend following me on these social sites if you want to see things you won’t see here on the BA blog.

If you’re social, come find me. I’m kinda social too.

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  1. I hear you have lots of friends that have their version of a mancrush on you. ūüėÄ

  2. dcsohl

    If G+ weren’t Google, with their well-established track record of not giving a damn about your privacy, I’d be there, Phil.

  3. zandperl

    G+ also doesn’t give a damn about protecting people who have legitimate reasons for pseudonymity. “Legitimate reasons” can range from stalker bosses who’d be glad to fire you, to stalkers exes who’d be glad to fire AT you.

  4. JMW

    I’m kinda social too.

    <headshaking>And you call yourself a geek.</headshaking>

  5. 2. dcsohl Says:
    September 24th, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    If G+ weren’t Google, with their well-established track record of not giving a damn about your privacy, I’d be there, Phil.

    Amen to that. As awful as Facebook is about peoples’ privacy, Google is that much worse.

    I have a Facebook page, which I hardly ever visit except to post my latest cartoons when they’re done, and the links to my latest blog posts. My only FB “friends” are people I actually know or work with in real life. When I started the account, I gave FB entirely bogus information: FB thinks I’m a thirty-five year-old woman living in Tripoli. I left the fields for info on my interests in music, films, books, etc. totally blank.

    I have a couple of Gmail addresses as backups in case the mail servers at my domains — which are actually registered and owned by me — go down, and I don’t maintain a contact list at either of them. For the past year or so, every time I log on to those accounts to scrape the spam out of the box, I get a “nag page” pestering me for my mobile phone number, ostensibly to be used only if I’ve lost/forgotten my password. Google claims they don’t sell or divulge the number to anyone — yeah, right — unless, of course, they receive a National Security Letter from the FBI or DHS, which Google is forbidden by law to tell me about.

    Y’know, Phil, for someone who considers himself a “skeptic”, you have a remarkably low level of skepticism about outfits like Facebook or Google+.

  6. Jimilee

    Phil, I am such a big fan of of your G+ account. I still lurk here every single day. I find comments on your G+ far more stimulating than what happens here. It seems that “Don’t be a $%@#.” is often ignored here in the comments (no offense). I like the more “organic” responses that are generated by your G+ account. Can I ask a stupid question? How much time did you spend practicing the harmonica before appearing on Ferguson’s show? If it had been me… I’m talking non-stop for 1o days prior. Cheers.

  7. AlwaysRightBoy

    Fark is a social media site?

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  8. dessy

    Fraser Cain is doing some truly great work in his Hangouts – as well as getting the Hangouts of others to really fly. The most recent one with Emily Lakdawalla of the Planetary Society especially so. She is just so passionate about planetary geology.

    On the G+ discussion… neither Google of Facebook (or Apple or Microsoft for that matter) have ever been given my real name. I have been using this pseudonym since 1984 and very glad of that.


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