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By Phil Plait | October 24, 2012 12:00 pm

How much do I love Dusty Abell’s artwork?

A whole quadrant’s worth, that’s how much. And here’s why:

Oh, my. [Click to massively balokenate. This is only one small part of a much larger piece, and it’s amazing.]

And why, yes, I do recognize Every. Single. Thing. in this drawing. Because my geekery is beyond even the capacity for Norman to coordinate.

Dusty also did this piece of awesomeness, too. And? He has the coolest name ever. He should’ve been an astronomer.

Tip o’ the Tranya to io9.

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  1. OtherRob

    Event though it’s been several years since I’ve seen an episode of the original series, the only thing I didn’t get was the ship in the upper left corner, the one under the Romulan warbird. Anyone?

    Now I’m wanting to watch them again. :-)

  2. According to the key ( ), that’s the SS Antares from “Charlie X.”

  3. mike burkhart

    This is how about one for my other favorite scfi franchise Star Wars.I can’t decide witch one is better. I discovered Star Trek at age 6 when they made a Saturday morning cartoon of it in the 70s soon a local Tv station aired the reruns of the show . Star Wars came out when I was in 3rd grade snd it was big my Dad took me and my brother to see it Darth Vader relly scared my brother. My favorte carector in Star Trek was Mr Spock because hes an alien he was instresting had a logical out look on things but because he was half human he strugled with his human and vulcan sides. My favorite episiode : “The Torbule with Tribles” the episoide was funny. One Episiode that made an impact on me was “Let that be your last battlefield” it sent a powerful message about raceisum and inspired me not to hate others who are diferent. By the way the orginal Star Trek was recently relised on DVD with updated Special Efects I think most Star Trek fans will enjoy this set like I do.

  4. Francisco (FC)

    I want that mounted in my bedroom wall!

  5. Geoff

    A quick google search says the weird little ship (NCC-501) under the warbird is the USS Antares. It was in the episode Charlie X.

    I recognize most of the characters here, but I don’t see the rock monster from the Abraham Lincoln episode.

  6. OtherRob

    Thanks Ron and ToSeek. Missed the link to the key.

  7. Sam H

    @4 Mike Burkhart: ….are you 8 or just a troll??

  8. VinceRN

    Sadly there were a couple I had to cheat on. Maybe I better go through the series gain, it has been quite a few years.

  9. Laurie Stoker

    That is so full of win, the win won’t even fit in the picture!

  10. Chris Winter

    That is an amazing piece of artwork. I wonder how long it took to complete it.

    One can of course make dorky nit-picking comments like “where’s the bartender from “The Trouble with Tribbles”? But obviously there has to be a limit somewhere.

  11. Matt B.

    “Dorkily”. And, Phil, you have me beaten on that. I only get about 90% of it. :) Interestingly, the episode with Dr. Severin, the guy in the exact center, was on just yesterday here in the Denver area. I could swear Miramanee’s dress was longer than that. I see an Andorian, but no Tellarian. Nor a gamester of Triskelion, though one of the fighters is there.

    Where’s Gary Ansorge? He’ll be so happy to see this.

  12. Other Paul

    Can’t see the Horta – or is that the little lady behind Miramanee at the top?

  13. Matt B.

    I finally noticed that the Kirk, Spock and McCoy in front are being beamed. In or out, one cannot say.

    And I love that the original pilot is shown through the Guardian of Forever, as it’s not precisely part of the series.

    And it has the rocks that showed up in all the outdoor scenes. Ha ha!

  14. ND

    Hey, here’s a new game. “Where’s Commodore Matt Decker?”

  15. ND

    This is unacceptable. I can’t find Commodore Decker anywhere!

  16. DanM


    “He should’ve been an astronomer.”

    I take offense. You should have written “He should have been a physicist.” Us non-astronomer physicists are as proud of our nerd creds as you are.


  17. Larry

    Now for the true ST-TOS junkies, you get extra credit if, for each of the 80 episodes, you can describe the opening scene of the episode, the one that comes before the opening speech by Kirk (Space-the final frontier) and the theme music.

    1000 quatloos to the winner!

  18. Nemo

    To be honest, Norman’s capacity to coordinate was pretty limited. That’s how they took him out.

  19. Marc

    There’s even KHAAAAAAAAN!!!

  20. Nigel Depledge


    Ron (#2) ToSeeked ToSeek (#3)!

  21. Nigel Depledge

    SamH (8) said:

    @4 Mike Burkhart: ….are you 8 or just a troll??

    Sam, I think neither. IMO, that commenter has some especial difficulty with language (little things like punctuation, use of capitals, paragraph structure and so on). I have found comments from that commenter so hard to read that I gave up trying a few years ago.

  22. Darlene Hall

    I totally agree with you #4; that would be a cool next project. But only the Luke Skywalker/Han Solo movies . . .

  23. Jhaelin

    I only see ONE tribble!!


  24. Grand Lunar

    Pure. Awesome.

    I think I can figure out 95% of the characters.

    Just when I think he missed something or someone, I later spot it!

  25. James Evans

    Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor not an artfully done, nearly rotoscoped caricature!

    Great tribute to a classic. It’s been a while since I’ve watched the original, too, so I had forgotten how improbable (yet, arguably agreeable) was the galactic population density of scantily-clad babes.

  26. Dutch Railroader

    I’m just happy to see Johannes Brahms in the back there…

  27. ND


    I only see ONE tribble!!”

    That’s how it starts!

  28. Tony


  29. I love his “Sci-Fi and Superheroes of the 70’s” drawing. Spider-Man perched atop the Tardis! (With the Doctor and a Dalek right next to him.) Greatest American Hero! Hulk and Wonder Woman. Planet of the Apes.

  30. And-U-Say

    This is great! The first thing that jumped out at me (so to speak) is that the female characters were somewhat “enhanced”. Typical comic book art, of course. I got about 95% of this, way too much geekiness.

  31. Greetings and Salutations;
    Firstly, of course, it is an IMPRESSIVE piece of historical collage. While there are a few bits missing, he has done a great job of gathering together the high points of a very strange little show. One thing that probably should worry me a bit is that I not only recognized the images, but, I could recall the name of the episode(s) where they appeared!
    I also wanted to say that I really was kind of disappointed that the Gary 7 episode did not actually either spin off to a series, or, become a recurring character on the show. I thought at the time that it had a lot of potential.
    Pleasant dreams
    dave mundt

  32. One thing. Neither the Antares nor the Aurora appear that way in the original series. The original Aurora was actually the Tholian ship with glued on nacelles.

    Both ships appear as in the poster in the remastered CGI-filled TOS that CBS did a few years ago.

    Also interestingly, the design for the Antares used in the remastered TOS is based on a design from the Animated Series.

  33. stephen

    What? No Frank Gorshin as Commissioner Bele in “Let that Be Your Last Battlefield. Great actor, excellent episode.

  34. Other Paul

    @stephen#34 – Mr Gorshin, rest assured, is present. I’ll leave you with the fun of finding both him and his quarry.


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