Awkwardly Embraceable interview

By Phil Plait | October 26, 2012 12:57 pm

My friend, the geekeriffic Jessica Mills, interviewed me for her blog on Tech Republic (the second part is here). It was a lot of fun talking with her; we wandered over topics like Hubble, Star Trek, science, Doctor Who, black holes, Neil Tyson and Bill Nye, and what I would do if I encountered advanced aliens in a wormhole (answer: self-promotion).

Jessica is amazing. She is a writer, producer, and actress, and was the driving force behind the very funny web series Awkward Embraces (which I wrote about in a post a while back). If you’re a geek – and you are – you should watch it.

She’s also just cool and funny and smart and talented, and you could do a lot worse than follow her on Tumblr and Twitter. Hey. She was a Geek-A-Week, so you know she’s cool.

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Comments (8)

  1. Blaise Pascal

    You’ve got a broken line to the post a while back. I’d love to read it, but it’s so mangled that even looking at the source I can’t quite figure out what was meant.

  2. Indeed. Click on “in a post” and I just get “Error 404 not found”.

  3. Peter Davey

    “Let me not to the marriage of true mnds admit impediments”.

  4. Ah, fixed it. Cut and paste error borked the code. Thanks!

  5. Matt B.

    I loved that “don’t mention Star Trek on a first date” video, but forgot to save the link back then. I’m glad it’s come up again, so I can see the rest.

  6. Reidh

    Felicia Day with Boobs! Cool

  7. Isaac

    What, so *now* I’m a geek? Not so long ago, , Phil, you said I didn’t belong on the internet!

    Which is it?


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