Oh. Well. I feel pretty awful about this.

By Phil Plait | October 26, 2012 9:43 am

They had to get their ideas from somewhere.

Via FlickFilosopher.

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Comments (21)

  1. Larry

    Destroy! Destroy!! Destroy!!!!!

    Is that a little baby Dalek. The book is bigger than he is. Ahhhhhh…

  2. Dammit Phil, you’ve doomed us all!

    Let’s just hope they choose the “let the Sun turn into a red giant” plan that way we have a few billion years to worry about it.

  3. Chris
  4. Now we know who’s causing those gamma-ray bursts.

  5. Mailman

    This instructional guide is faulty! Faulty! FAULTY!

  6. He’s just looking for ideas. Evil schemes don’t make themselves, you know!

  7. DrFlimmer

    As long as he doesn’t scream EXTERMINATE, you can be ok with this. At least, then he knows that earthlings are capable of good literature.


  8. Infinite123Lifer

    In my most stern of motherly voices:

    Philip ___(insert middle name)___ Plait look what you have done now!!! Go to your room and don’t come out until you have written Why the Aliens Should Let Us Live!!! And if you pen yourself as our leader your going to be in extra trouble buster!!!

  9. Bigfoot

    Nominating for single best blog post on any blog ever.

  10. Collin

    Click to Exterminate??

  11. Isaac

    That would be Philip Cary Plait.

    Cary? Who knew?

  12. David C.

    “We have found The Dr.

  13. Bahahaha!
    Well shoot, I guess my plan to Dalek-proof my home by surrounding it with stairs is going to seem pretty pointless when they decide to drop 4179 Toutatis on us ūüėõ

    I have to say, though, I like Nathan Fox’s cover art on the paperback version a lot better :)

  14. Fizz

    Well, either Phil gave them some ideas, or else they’re angry that Phil doesn’t mention them in his book. Either way, we’re gonna need a Doctor.

  15. Grand Lunar

    On the plus side, the Dalek may be “kicking” himself (herself?) for not coming up with these various ideas.

    “You mean all we have to do to take over the Earth is drop a big rock on it?!”

  16. davem

    Calm down, folks. As long as BA hasn’t included a chapter on getting up stairs without legs, we’re safe.

  17. Ryan

    R2-D2 likes your book? I don’t get it..

  18. Buzz

    I might get this book, but why is the paperback version less than the kindle version?

  19. Nigel Depledge

    @ Joseph G (13) and davem (16) –

    Hey, have you not seen New Who? Daleks can fly. Stairs are no longer the insurmountable obstacle they once were.

  20. Ellen in Austin

    Phil, you must now go around apologizing to everyone on Earth Doctor style. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

  21. “Phil Plait Ph.D.” means that Phil’s a Doctor. Wonder if the Daleks will confuse him with a different sort of Doctor. Hey Phil, better not wear a bowtie. Or a Fez. Can’t be too careful.

    Then again, The Doctor is about the only person that Daleks fear (and thus hesitate to kill). So maybe you SHOULD wear a bowtie and Fez.


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