The return of Something Fierce

By Phil Plait | November 3, 2012 7:03 am

Regular readers of my long-standing crush on singer/songwriter/siren Marian Call. Her voice is lovely, her lyrics brain-poking, and her self-motivated music career an inspiration.

So I’m really pleased to let y’all know she is re-releasing her last album, Something Fierce. She’s doing this for several reasons, but one is to get it more widely released. She wants to get on NPR and other places where the audience for her would fit right in.

Of course, this is Marian we’re talking about, so she’s gone to ridiculous lengths to do this. She wants her listeners to participate, to be a part of this. So she’s done something both silly and clever (typically): she’s started a treasure hunt. Well, she’s calling it Adventure Questing because, let’s face it, her fans (of which I am a big one) are all geeks. Anyway, she’s issuing one task per day to her followers, and they’re, well, silly and clever. I won’t give anything away; instead, just go look.

Also, follow her on Twitter for updates and such.

This all started on November 1 – sorry, I know I’m late, but there has been some other stuff on my mind lately – and ends on the 13th. So go and start questing adventurously! And know that what you’re doing is helping support an extremely talented artist who has worked enormously hard to get where she is, and does it all for the love of music, and the love of fans. That’s honest truth, and one of the many reasons I really dig her.

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Comments (37)

  1. Roach

    I had the huge pleasure of seeing her live in Virginia a couple months back. Big thanks to you, Phil, for letting me know about her music in the first place. I can’t wait to see her hit it big.

  2. Sara

    How the light beveled bright canyon-wide near our flames, nearing final trim grazing all silent planes. Something clear mark–Marian sings like an angel.

  3. Julie Martinez

    It’s exciting to participate in a treasure Hunt on the internet! I’m a big fan of Marian, and am happy to be a part of Her adventure quest! Like it or not, this game is enjoyable and can only Be Beat by listening to one of Call’s songs! There is NO song I enjoy more than my current Favorite, Good Morning Moon. For those of you who have Never heard Marian’s music, what are you waiting for?

  4. Herre

    Hi, Hello and Listen up. Being a Big Call faN OF course, because I Never heard such affectioNate earworM glee All together on one Single album. Pretty fun taSks so far, Clicking Around the internet and Keeping my attention Captured when Science isn’t while waiting Till I can see her liVe. Some Creative reading needed to understand my soleMn attempt at fitting the periodic table in this comment. I Feel that the end is Coming, continuing would not be very Nice. So C u in Amsterdam.

  5. tHinking of tHE pLIght BEhind Being a ChaNteuse OF NEarly total interNAtional belovedness (as seen in this iMG – ALtogether without SIlly “record label” helP Seems CLeARly Kooky, i CAn’t deny. even so, she SChemes ‘TIl eVeryone CReates the biggest daMN buzz. FEcklessness is COntrary to her ways. marion’s music is far from the NItro-charged CUriosities that plague much of modern music. some of her songs are so meditative they put the ‘e’ back into ‘ZN’. you can GAuGE your mood by ASsociating SElected songs BRought to you by your shuffle with memories as comforting as KRaft mac and cheese sprinkled with your mom’s favorite heRBs.

  6. Heroically sHe gLided through the Benelux. Before Call laNded in Our liFe, we Never Navigated ‘postmorteM, galactica or All new’ Singing. Perhaps Silly, but Clanking Armour never looKed as good as on Call and Science Tinkering neVer Crooned like aMnesic Fever before Coming to the Night of the Cultured JazZ nerdGang in Cern, Geneva. As one Seldomly Brought to Krypton,a supeRbeing who shootS rays at You that fizZ radiatoN before Monitored T-collissions Ruled!

  7. Lee Daniels

    wHen marian announced sHE wanted to tour europe and create a LIve album i BEamed ear to ear BeCause i kNew i wOuld Finally see her live. NExt it was destiNation cern, it was a dreaM Getting to see marian and scott entertAIn and it’s beyond comprehenSIon of what is PoSsible when you use a typewriter, rainstick and kazoo to CLearly ARticulate poetry of the geeK soul.

    CAll and SCott along with patrick of alaska roboTIcs are 3 of the nicest people you could eVer wish to meet and i have a CRush on all of theM.

    Next i met them in manchester and helped carry their stufF, Even dammitbox, the nexus is a COol little venue and i’m sure everyone had a great NIght.


    Next was birmingham, aGAin GEeks aplenty for this intimate brunch-cert but marian ASked us what we wanted to hear and SErenaded us BRilliantly. patricK Race drew pictures as we absoRBed callS RhYmes. abuzZ, Relaxed but still abuzz, a unicorn farting raiNBows couldn’t have MOved the waTching crowd away.

    tRUth be told it’s hard to oveRHype someone as talented as marian, whether she’s playing in a coffee shoP, Dank basements or A Grand old theatre you will get her very best. her enthusiastiC Demeanour INvades your soul, as you SNap your fingerS, Bob your head and tap your feet.

    If you’re on twitTEr, follow her at @marIancall to avoid feeling veXEd on missing a show near you.

    marian, it’s been fantastiC Spending time with you, scott and patrick, thank you for letting me carry your BAgs, LAugh at my crappy jokes and being all round aCE people.

    thank you.

  8. Jen

    How she likes to be becoming on stage! Of one natural charm, girl always sings pretty songs. Clarification? Karaoke! Cascade of Titian locks, a vixen’s crazy arms knifed in conic undulations, jazz notes: a galaxy of geeks ask to see more. Bring it!

  9. Megan

    Marian’s music Has a way of getting under your skin. I can’t Help but deLight in how Beautfiul it is. BeCause she has kNOwledge oF what it means to be a Nerd, she illunmiNates seldoM groked concepts and Always Sings Poignantly, Striking Close to the heArt. Know this, she Can faScinate enTirely; her Voice Creates a calMness, a Feeling that is Comfortable and cocooNing. She has an eCumenical pizzazZ, not Gained from anything but being Genuine. If you Ask me, the appeal is in Marian herSelf: her unBridled enthusiasm is the sparK rendering her music supeRb. Her grasSroot campaigns to promote her music are often zanY. They create buzZ, rousing faN backing that Moves quickly and sometimes caTches and accRues new fans. Her Rhapsodic music can helP de-stress Aggravated souls, and her epiC deeds while on tour are an Inspiration. Snag an album: this music sendS bad thoughts away and bolsTers the spIrit. Marian miXes genres in a delightful way. Even cyniCs can’t find something to Badmouth. Her faitHful commitment to authenticity and her Talent are something her fans connect With, and she refuses to adheRe to conventions of the industry. I hope she never lOses that conviction because it’s one of the things I admIre most about her. Any descriPtion of her music doesn’t really do it justice; its beAuty must be experienced firsthand. It’s music that gives you an itcH, gives you the desire to create something prompTly. Sometimes her music is used as a soaPbox, but it always comes from an honest, passionate place. “Got to Fly,” her uninhiBited thoughts on the Power of space travel and stories, Attacks the idea that imagination isn’t important. Her music is boRn of the Freedom she feels as an independent artist; she can write songs about folk heroes named VeRa and walking along the whaRf. She says her gooDbyes to certain relationships and expresses her miSgivings about others in song. “Free Bird” was written not about this sort of relationship, but rather about being under a controlling record label, an idea she aBhors and could not witHstand. Once her mother-in-law dreaMt she wrote a song about the Aurora Borealis, so she did. “Coffee by Numbers” is a sweet song about a frienDship that begins when the wi-fi is down at a coffeshop and the two agree to puRge their lives of stress for ten minutes and just sit talking together. “Fret”, the first song she ever wrote, is about the frantiCness of decisions made by people almost-but-not-quite in love. YoU utterly fall in love with this music – not a Fleeting love. YoU, upon hearing her veLvet voice, even if yoU usually listen to a different sort of music entirely, become captivated.

  10. How heartfelt, beautiful, lively beats can notate.

  11. Amy

    The heart’s lightened because beautiful Call now offers fine new natterings. Filmgoers, all siamese pets, and singers clearly argue kindly–Call screams “timeless vixen”!

  12. Mike

    Garden of the Gods is so pretty today. Pity the high angle teams have to go idiots of the rocks behind her so often.

  13. Scott

    Hi, HEllo. LIsten, BE Brave, CaN yOu? i’m NOt one to spam, but i’ve found one FiNE singer, NAmed marian call. i’M Going ALl-out to say you should listen to her SIng. her geeky PerSonality CLeARly peeKs out in her lyriCAl SChemes TIme after time. she eVen invents CRazy chores (without MNemonics) for her FEstive fans. isn’t that COol?
    her songs are NIcely performed and have CUte lyrics (she probably even knows what the ZNutar is, GAdzooks and GEe-whiz). AS you SEe, her music is BRainy (although she hasn’t written a superman song yet, singing about a KRyptonian oRB. her performances are often SRo. she’s currently touring europe; perhaps she’ll see fitZRoy square in london. her spirit seems uNBreakable the MOre I learn about her tireless efforts, ETc. this comment seems to be RUnning on, peRHaps, although this is just an uPDate to mention that she’s re-releasing her “something fierce” album, which is a good thing, don’t you AGree? it’s a two-CD album IN a SNappy folder. i sense diSBelief but let me TEll you I am not eXEmpt. the music on the disCS is BAsically LACEd with PRim-aND-proper goodness, the develoPMent took a SMall fortune of marian’s time.
    as i mentioned, she’s now in EUrope, including the united kinGDom (where they call soccer fooTBall, oh gooDY). HOwevER, this commiTMent of effort maYBe will lead to another album, halleLUjah. that trutHFully TAkes the cake.
    the songs on “something fierce” WeRE mOStly stIRring, non-sciece-fiction, but aPT, beAUtiful, higHGrade, mosTLy beautiful.
    i’m almost done and will get off my soaPBox in a BIt. this POor ATtempt to eaRN your respect is FRom a RAndom fan; i ACcept your mirTH at this PAthetic, UNPoPUlar rAMbling, far from the aCMe of a post. but hey, i got 96 elements in. 😀

  14. Chino

    Honestly, tHe Literally Best Banter Came Not Only From Needing baNana creaM grahams, but Also Singing PerilouS road Clearly.

  15. Christine A

    Hearing her lively, beautiful tunes brings cries of happiness to my face. Never a nasty hum, gal sings perfectly.

  16. Michael

    Having just HEard of this LIthe-voiced singer (thanks, Phil for BeComiNg her advOcate). I Find myself looking for NEw ways to help her along. NAturally her quest is an inspiration froM Getting me thinking to applying ALl these words to a post even if slightly SIlly in the aPplication. Some might forgive me since CLeARly they are traveling the tracK with me. But I don’t think I CAn go much farther. ThiS Can be all unTIl I Venture back to her CReativity.

  17. Kate

    Any chance of your dropping the use of the word “geek” and going back to “nerd”?
    I know, language changes, words adopt new meanings, people reclaim power & pride blah yada blah, but there is simply no escaping that a geek was a circus freak show performer who bit the heads off chickens, while a “nerd” has always been defined as someone buried in intellectual or academic pursuits rather than partying or the coolest trends.
    “Geek” just makes me cringe.

  18. Heroines, Heroes; Lift your Besieged head and Be enChanted. MariaN Call Offers Fantastical tuNes, Narratives that will forM grand tAles. ConSider the comPlex Sounds of her ClArion Kazoo, Carefree notes Carrying Scantly clad seducTion and Villainy. Her Creative momentuM naturally Feeds the Costumed miNions Curious pizzazZ not Garnered short of Geekly Aspirations. TraverSe Brewpubs, booK retailers, baRbecue partieS rife with Youngsters. QuiZ real folks about this noNbranded role-Model dispaTching tRuth and Rhymes from a madcaP draped stAge. AneCdotes reflectIng Snowy yurtS bound by frost Tell of mIsspent adventures unveXed by cryogeniCs. OddBalls Laugh dulCetly at her Presentation, braNdishing the toPmost complimentS measurable. Eureka! Each sonG delivers a smarT beat, steaDy cHorus, and hEr vintage Underwood(Tm) keYboard (Luddites’ wratHful Tantrum Warning, bewaRe). YOsafbridge’s fIre-maned actor accePted the lAuding witH graTitude, uPbeat praise (ZOMBiE Cheerleaders). TemPoral Dominoes is a empAthetic display of yeaRning between Friends Racing Across The Pale sky. YoU caN puzzle through Puns, Amble to the aCme, snack on baBkas, review an almanaC for phasEs of the werewolF moon, or eat guMdrops in the DoNor’s Circle. A balLroom is dwaRfed by Marian, the Db’s flowing and crowdS growing, yet even a draB house filled with mirtH shall enjoy warMth anD syneRgy of community and joy. Done

  19. How HEr LIltingly BEautiful Balladeer CrooNing OFt sNEaks inNAtely aMonGst ALl our SpIrits – Pure, Sure, CLassy, regARdless of Kind of loCAle. SCintillating TIdal waVes CRash into iMagiNations as we FEel her COol siNgIng CUrl through the air.

    CHEERS! :)

  20. When you hear her, listen.

  21. Peter Davey

    With regard to Kate 17, I wonder why we should use either word. The award-winning scientist, Stephen Jay Gould, in the chapter “The Dinosaur Rip-Off”, in his collection of essays, “Bully for Brontosaurus”, refers to his own childhood:

    “Kiddie culture can be cruel and fiercely anti-intellectual. I survived because I wasn’t hopeless at punchball, and because I won some respect for my knowledge of baseball stats. But any kid with a passionate interest in science was a wonk, a square, a dweeb, a doofus, or a geek (I don’t remember what word held sway at the time, but one item in that litany of cruelty is always in vogue).”

    “I was taunted by many classmates as peculiar. I was called “fossil face” in the playground. It hurt.”

    “……others had the light of intellectual wonder extinguished because a thoughtless and swaggering fellow called them nerds in the playground. Don’t point to the obsessives – I was one – who will persist and succeed despite these petty cruelties of youth. For each of us, a hundred are lost – more timid and fearful, but just as capable. We must rage against the dying of the light – and although Dylan Thomas spoke of bodily death in his famous line, we may also apply his words to the extinction of wonder in the mind, by pressures of conformity in an anti-intellectual culture.”

    I should add that a recent survey in the UK, by the National Literacy Trust, have shown a decline in reading amongst children, due to a fear that any child with a book will be labelled a “geek” by their classmates.

    A word to the wise?

  22. Rachel Weaver

    How her lively beautiful bellows can not often forgot.

  23. Arjan K

    Book 1, verse 1-42:

    “Home” HE LIed BEcause By then “Church” would NOt have worked.
    “What’s my Favorite song?”, she asked NExt.
    “ANA MG” he tried.
    “It’s Ng!”.
    Tears ALready becoming viSIble she Pushed him aSide and ran out.
    CLose to her cAR she checKed her watch and CAme to a stop. Kicking a SCene was not her thing, TIme for an eVil CRushing blow, condeMNing him to “liFE” in a COffin.
    Later toNIght he would CUt across town to CheZ Nicks. This GAve her time to GEt her assASsin gear and disSEct him under the BRidge. The KRill neaRBy will feast.
    DiSRespectful maYbe, but he missed jazZ Rehearsal, uNBalanced MOron!

  24. Nerd Antherm was her first song I’ve listened to, it’s one of the best. I like it beacause it’s not just song, it’s for us about who we are, nerds/geeks and how it’s your life, not just some new trend. Final step to becoming Call’s fan was Kickstarter and information about it from good friend. I’ve fallen in love with her singing. What more to say, concert in Prague was great. And to say it clearly, thanks Call for making that scifi/fantasy con much better, I’ve had great time.

  25. Lilafisk

    Ah, yes. Marian Call is one of the few artists I’ve seen live. I enjoy her music because it’s basically made for us geeks so we can enjoy the little jokes that can be frequently found in her songs. I wish her the best of luck with the re-release because she’s worked hard and is super sweet!

  26. Stephanie

    This adventure is the light of my week’s beginning, but I couldn’t predict the overwhelming fun this scene of nascent nerdery from geeks always in protracted search for clearly marked calamity and scientific verbosity.

  27. Hear ye HEar ye. LIsten up for no BEtter BeaCoN OF celebratory NErdery and uNArmed heart will your gorraM Guests ALight upon than the SInger-insPired-Songwriter and CLeAR alasKan woman: our lady marian Call.

  28. Mr Taz

    Has He Listened? Because BaCoN, Or Fantastic Nerdonium, is the Natural sluMgullion. Always Signal PreSciently and Clearly.

  29. Dan W

    THere was a time when HEaring LIttle ditties of geekdom BEguiled me. From the Bountious Collected works of legeNd, DOctor Demento, Filling airways for NExt to fourty years, to the wickedly non-baNAl craniumM Goading Tom Lehrer. The musicAL SIngularity, aspiring geek goddeSs Marian Call, croons her CLARion song; a “Lady of RagnaroK” inCarnate. The ever SCinTIllating, eVer CReative siren’s hyMNody oF EssoteriC Offerings spans the NIggling to the epiCUrean. Whether performing cheZ Nous, or GAtherinG Extemporaneously, ASSEmblages of fans BReaK Ranks with the aceRBic “mundaneS,” Reveling merrilY, the air abuzZ, Rife with unBRidled excitement; the MOmenT, CRUde relative to oveRHyp’d brAGgarts of industry. (The aneCDotal INference is SNide and mayhap miSBegotTEn…) Audiences sit transfIXEd with tales of heroiCS, BAleful and mirtHFul, dissuading the TAWdry (not REally) and morOSe. InspIRed adaPTations AUgment edlritcH Gems adroiTLy. Flowing songs UPBeat or BIographical, the incorPOreal cATacombs of her mind tuRN thoughts FRighteningly emigRAnt, a suRFeit of tiDBitS Garnering aplomB Here, GoliatHS undreaMT. Somehow, AwarDS yet elude, the ARguable metaphoric aCNe of fame. In her milieU UTtering FLaggons of verse, Call’s aboiteaU UPholds nerd and non with eLVish alacrity.

    Call’s manteaU USed, I propose MuumUU-Only shows, to battle comPLACence, to be the POrteND of helPMateS Ministrating the EUphonic kinGDom. Experiencing SeTBacks in oDYssey, beset by HOaxERs and fronTMen, Beleaguered and bLUrry-eyed Marian ACtuates the APparatUs of noNPlussed twitterers, dePUtizing them in the nAMe of the quest. BardiC Musicians, celeB Kin, artistiC Friends, and the finESt oF Man-kind and woman-doM Donated NObly so that the reveLRy would endure!

  30. Erin H.

    How the vocal chords sing! I might be slightly late to the praise party, but Marian’s musical talent begs at least the beginnings of a comment on ‘Something Fierce’. One of my absolute favorite pieces in this album is Temporal Dominoes – on a scale of 1 to 10 it deserves an 11. I look forward to the re-release and to future lyrical gems from Marian.

  31. How about that, the bar has been raised. Like the best things in life, Marian’s albums continuously find new ways to delight. Whether the songs come up naturally in a playlist or you seek it out to scratch an itch, it always pleases the ear, the album getting better with each listen.

  32. THis HEavenly LIstening can’t BE Beaten. Call siNgs OF NErdiness, never sNArky. SluMGum? No, with reAL grace, she SIngs Powerful Songs, CLeARly Knowing her audience. CAll’s SCinTIlating Vocals CReate geek hyMNs with FEelings COmbiNIng CUrrent themes. More comforting than a biZNaga infusion! As Picard would say, enGAGE!

  33. Jimbo

    Here He Lives Before christ contemplating Binary Code philosopher EugeNe Paul curtis . No One can Foresee the Need for biNary, although can you believe without it we could not have made later MG cars as good as they were? All I can do is Sing the Praises to the Systematically Clear Archaic Known Calculations that helped create the ASCII. After Time, bell data serVices Created a seven-bit teleprinter. Binary code is the translation of the alphabet ‘abcdefghijklMn . . Etc’ into a series of ones and zeros, a Feat Conceived Nigh 100bc. Binary is used everywhere today, GroZny, Gallway, ApoGee, even As far away as Apogee. Braille is a type of binary code, the system consist of 6 dot positions three in each column. Each dot has two states, raised and not raised. With out binary you would be unable to RSVP for Marian’s Netherlands : 12th November 2012 – Space Expo Lunch Concert “at” If you are rich you could hire an aiRbus to get there say you live in Srbija Yugoslavia. 01011010 01110010, that spells Zr. Just had a random thought to take a break from binary, I wish I had a guNboat. More in relation to this blog/comment lets caTch up on thoughts Running through my mind, as I want this finished before we reach X-mas and I’m shopping for myrrh. Let’s update you Agible fact that data on your CDs, have a series of hills and valleys on the surface, which either reflect the light of the thIn laser shone on them, representing a one, or do not, representing the zero. Really wish i could finish this but it’s getting late. Looking forwad to the CD Marian. X

  34. YourD

    Have seen her play live four times between two countries now. Because she managed to plan a show on the final day of my planned stay in Manchester, I narrowly avoided having to miss even a single mg (we’re in Europe, we use metric over here, so sue us!) of her always beautiful singing, performance and memories. Hell, I even got to drag my friend Kez along for the ride!

    Clearly though, you are not here to read about my friend Kez – you want to hear my opinion on Marian Call and her scintillating new album. Well, from avocados to decrees of avian freedom, damn this is one album that will not put you to sleep (and even if it would – coffee will be served by track 14. So even if you just flew the coop, wish the moon a good morning or perhaps secretly wish you were a real Alaskan girl, this album will take you all the way across highway five by mixing cute, funny and beautiful into one nice, two-disc package. And all that without the need to intentionally misspell common words like “biznizz”!

    So take that car out of the garage, and as any captain of the USS Enterprise would command: break the speed of light and set a course for Krypton (or a more convenient concert location nearby). Just don’t go to any place that has fallen into disrepute (for your own safety, of course). After all, you wouldn’t want a bee to “bzzzzzrrrrrtttttt” its way into (or even near) your ear canal while listening to this sonic rainbow of concentrated joy, would you? No, you would not because that might well change your ear into some monstrous outcropping ruined and unsuitable as an earhole. We’re venturing near that treacherous trapdoor that is “off-topic” though, hitting that would cause my comment to stagnate and let’s be honest, I’m here first and foremost to praise Marian’s new CD. In the unlikely event that anyone reading this is some kind of music snob who feels that anything that may require them to use their USB ports to listen to this terriffic music on the go, Something Fierce is also released on an actual double CD and not just available via digital download. So put down that axe and just buy these discs.

    Balance prevails over randomness, as the PM of a small European kingdom will surely tell you. That, and footbaal over here is actually played with your feet, which you may find handy to know. So don’t hover with resentment, but rather, grab a keyboard and go absolutely nuts with youthful abandon! Also, you must never forget to be wary of sabotage, whether or not you’re absolutely positive that your Good old Girl is resilient, blind optimism is usually the cause of more problems than pessimism will ever bring to the table. Unless, of course, you’re in league with some eldritch fish god, in which case you may be interested to know that they like Skittles.

    Back to the music. one of my favorite songs of Marian’s has to be the upbeat Nerd Anthem, I’ve always been a big geek, and that being the case, this song just resonates with me. Another potential favorite of mine is that earnestly heartfelt track about the highway running past the entire eastern coastline of the United States, Highway Five. But Marian’s brainpan is full of fun ideas to put into song. Amid songs about moving to Alaska, Temporal Dominoes (something that sounds like it should have been in an Acme catalogue). Marian demonstrates superb knowledge of comic fiddling, especially when it comes to geeky subjects. Call expresses herself musically like few others can.

  35. Brendan

    I Have seen HEr her perform several times and every time it has been LIvely. Being one of my ConstaNtly favOurite perFormers, I will NEver suggest anyone more then Marian. NAturally I believe filMGoers will enjoy the reALm of awesome she produces.

  36. mtgordon

    Hear her lilting, beautiful, blissful cadences! Not only for new narratives, circumgyratory allemandes, serious poetry, silly clowning, artistic keepsakes. Canticles scientific, timely. Very creative!


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