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By Phil Plait | November 12, 2012 10:16 am

This is my last post for the Bad Astronomy Blog on Discover Magazine. As of today – Monday, November 12, 2012 – the blog has a new home at Slate magazine.

It has been my pleasure and honor to be a Discover blogger for more than four years. Still, I remember my science teacher in third grade quoting Heraclitus to us: "Nothing is permanent except change". That’s true today, of course, and just as obviously in the Age of the Internet the velocity of that change is accelerating.

But in this case I hope the change isn’t too shocking for you, dear BABloggees. All you have to do is switch a URL in your bookmarks or update your RSS feed (to do that, just copy that link address into your feed reader). I’ll still be writing the same sort of material, I’ll still make dumb puns, and I’ll still be Tweeting, Facebooking, and GooglePlussing like mad.

To be clear: all the archives of my blog will be copied to Slate magazine, but will still have a home here at Discover. I’d be obliged if you updated links to the new archive, but old links shouldn’t break.

And so, I bid a fond adieu to Discover. What I said in my post announcing the move still holds true: I encourage everyone to read the fantastic collection of science blogs that live here, among the best such blogs in the world; fantastic company in which to be. And I hope you follow me to Slate.

It’s a big Universe out there, roomy enough for all of us. And there’s still a vast amount left to explore and understand.


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Comments (39)

  1. thetentman


    Thank you for everything and thanks to Mrs. BA for putting up with us. See you at Slate.


  2. Thanks, Phil, for your awesome blog, no matter where it is. See you on the other side…

  3. Daniel J. Andrews

    Strangely, I feel rather sad you’re leaving this particular venue, like you’re signing off for good or something. Guess this blog at Discover felt like “home”, and now home is closing down. See you at Slate though.

  4. VinceRN

    Thank you for a great blog here at Discover. Hopefully the move to Slate goes well. I’ve never paid much attention to them before so you’re bringing them at least one new reader (dunno if I’ll find anything else there I like though). You’ll definitely be moving them up an intellectual notch.

  5. thetentman

    Doonesbury is at Slate.

  6. See you over at Slate!

  7. Crux Australis

    See you on the flip side, Phil.

  8. Titan

    RSS updated and ready to go!

  9. You know, I had to do this when you first moved from your own site to The Hive OvermindDiscover Magazine. Twice in one decade is kind of pushing it, eh? :-)

    Well, I’ve updated my bookmarks, opened a new tab, and I’m ready to move onward.

  10. Andrei

    I don’t like the way the comments get clustered on the new blog. It looks pretty much like comments on yahoo news…. And from that point of view, I guess it’s a loss this move to the slate magazine….

  11. tacitus

    How rude! First time I call round here in months and I find out that you’ve moved without telling me!


    I don’t like the way the comments get clustered on the new blog. It looks pretty much like comments on yahoo news…. And from that point of view, I guess it’s a loss this move to the slate magazine….

    But assuming this move is a win for Phil financially, it’s probably a win for his readers too, in the long run.

    In any case, comment systems tend to come and go, so the odds are Slate’s will change at some point too. And it could be worse, they could be using the Facebook comment system.

  12. Keith Bowden

    Enjoy your new home, Phil! I, for one, welcome our new Slate overlords.

    “The clock strikes 12 and moondrops burst out at you from their hiding place…”

  13. Thank _you_ Phil. I’ll be following your posts wherever you take them. And thank you to Discover Magazine for hosting the BA blog these past few years.

  14. George

    Oh, man. The best part of this transition is that Slate’s RSS is full text, like BA on DiscoverMagazine used to be. My reading of BA dropped probably 90% when the blog went from full text to snippet-and-advertisement, because I do most of my RSS reading without Internet connectivity.


    (Edited … nevermind. Slate may be full text, but it doesn’t include any of the images. At least the BA blog here included images, even if the content was cut off… Slate’s is way worse. Makes the RSS feed go from “useless most of the time” to “useless all of the time”)

  15. Adrian Lopez

    I still use to get here. If you’re still the owner of the domain, it might be a good idea to point it there instead of here.

  16. theholbert

    I follow BA through the Pulse app on android. Any BAers out there know how this change will affect the feed on pulse, which has discover as well as slate? Will I need to find another way to follow the BA?

  17. Blobulon

    It feels like you’re saying “so long and thanks for all the fish”. I can’t believe it’s been four years!
    It’s not the first time, or probably the last time I’ll have to follow you around the internet.

    P.S You are the reason I got into skepticism et al, so thank you.

  18. VinceRN

    @ theholbert – I use the same. Waiting to find out.

  19. tudza

    Thanks for posting the RSS info.

  20. Chris

    So long and thanks for all the fish 😀

  21. Already stalking you there. 😀

  22. alfaniner

    Can I get a “Holy Haleakala!”?

    See ya over there.

  23. I can’t get Outlook to switch to the RSS feed for Slate. Help?

  24. Danny M.

    I love the comments from your very intelligent and even some times funny readers, but now I’ll have to SIGN UP to read them. I don’t know?????

  25. Kevin M

    Slate doesn’t look goofy enough.

  26. Eamon

    Thanks for the informative, interesting and insightful posts Phil – I will continue to follow you at Slate.

  27. RaginKagin

    The top story on “The Slate” is a story about a mother catching her son in a compromising position with a vacuum cleaner. Good call, Phil.

  28. the new RSS has the full text? finally! that’s great :)

  29. James Jones
  30. The RSS feed says “Slate Blogs”. Can you change the default to “Bad Astronomy”?

    Can you set up a separate RSS feed for comments?

  31. Adrian

    Are Discover planning on covering astronomy in a different blog?

  32. Andromeda

    I’m just glad your puns will follow you there 😀

  33. Number 6

    Good luck, Phil, at the new blog spot. It’s been a great run at Discover Magazine, but change is constant.

    I’ve got my “transfer ticket” in hand to read you on Slate.

    But, before I leave, I’ll just tidy up a bit, take this push broom here, & sweep up some of the cosmic dust.

  34. Andrei

    I don’t like Slate. It’s to cluttered, to many comercials and pop-ups. It’s too yahoo like….

  35. Matt B.

    You’re welcome. I presume you were talking to me, Phil. 😉

    I’ve set up my handle at Slate as Hazz-Matt.

  36. Thank you BA. For this blog which has been my all time favourite for many years.

    Very belatedly, because I’m just back today from my four day trip to Cairns to see the solar eclipse. (Dang-nabbed gosh-durned clouds meant I missed totality but still experienced got second “sunset” and “sunrise” in a few unusual minutes an hour or two after the original standard day’s sunrise, the crescent Sun, sunspots revealed by the motion of the Moon towards fourth contact and much more. Plus had a superluminous holiday with plenty of other highlights.)

    I’ll follow you over to the new Slate version of the Bad Astronomy blog but I can’t see how it can possibly beat this (virtual) place and “space” as it is. :-(

    Hope I’m wrong.

    I’ll really miss this blog just as it is.

  37. Thanks so much Phil
    Sure we will keep on following you.
    All the best,

  38. realta fuar

    Finally got fired, eh? why else move to a venue that certainly has a lower profile? Hey, could be worse, at least you’re not moving to the Huffington Post! :)


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