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I am, apparently, more accurate than an Iranian cleric

By Phil Plait | April 26, 2010 2:56 pm

As predicted by me in my post earlier today, a pair (ha!) of magnitude 5+ earthquakes hit off the Sandwich Islands (ha?) today. One happened at 08:46:32 UTC (before I posted, but I didn’t know at the time) and another, slightly stronger, at 17:04:50 UT.


There was a bigger one — magnitude 6.5 — off the coast of Taiwan, but that was much earlier today, actually yesterday evening US time, so I don’t count that one. But who knows? The day’s not over yet.

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Tremble before Boobquake!

By Phil Plait | April 26, 2010 10:57 am
The actual cleavage
that causes earthquakes.

If you are a geek, a skeptic, or a man, then you’ve probably heard that today is Boobquake: a day for women around the world to show off their cleavage in an attempt to debunk a fundamentalist Iranian cleric who blames natural seismic events on women dressing immodestly.

In other words, all that shaking and jiggling in the ground is caused by… well, I don’t need to belabor the point.

To be clear, I happily endorse both of these things (the cleavage and the debunking). But I do have one niggling doubt. Bear with me here…
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