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Meteor, Crater

By Phil Plait | April 25, 2012 9:12 am

Brad Goldpaint thinks he’s the luckiest guy on Earth. He says that because he’s a photographer, and he was thrilled that after waiting a long time to get a good shot at Crater Lake, Oregon, the weather cleared up just in time for annual Lyrid meteor shower.

It’s hard to argue, especially when he says he saw only one meteor the whole night… and it looked like this:

Nice! [Click to calderenate.]

Crater Lake is an ancient volcano of such surpassing beauty that it’s no exagerration to say that when I visited there years ago, it changed my outlook on life.

The Lyrids are a weak meteor shower occurring every year in April. The shower does sometimes produce bright fireballs like the one Brad captured above, but usually most of the meteors are relatively faint. By the way, that fireball you may have heard about over California a couple of days ago happened during the Lyrids, but that was almost certainly a coincidence; that exploding chunk of rock was the size of a car when it came in, while meteor shower meteoroids are usually smaller than a grain of sand.

Anyway, I disagree with Brad. He’s not lucky. By taking so many pictures, by persevering, by always being out there, eventually this wonderful happenstance was inevitable. He made his own luck; chance favors the well-prepared.

By not-a-big-coincidence, this image was also on APOD today! Check out the Related Posts just below for more of Brad’s astonishing sky photography.

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Time lapse: Crater Lake

By Phil Plait | October 30, 2011 7:30 am

Crater Lake, Oregon, is an ancient volcano caldera that is filled with water. If you’ve never been there, words really cannot convey the magnificence of the view. I was there in 2006, and was so struck by the awesome beauty of the place that I did what I could to relay how I felt at the time.

So I was thrilled when I found out that photographer Ben Canales had also visited Crater Lake, and made this lovely (and far too short!) time lapse video of it:

See what I mean? I want more! But did you see, in the first few seconds of the video, the dark band across the horizon? That’s called the Belt of Venus, and is actually the shadow of the Earth on the sky! I see it all the time, and it’s easy to get good pictures of it, too!

My only regret about visiting Crater Lake was not being able to see the stars that night, but it looks like Ben made the most of his experience there. Sometime, I’ll have to go back, and spend the night. It looks cold, but wonderful.

Credit: Ben Canales on Google+.

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