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New age therapy flowchart

By Phil Plait | October 15, 2010 10:34 am

I love Crispian Jago. It is that simple. Why, you ask?

Because he’s created a New Age therapy treatment flowchart. And he’s British, and funny, so you know what to expect:


[Click to dehomeopathenate and see the whole chart.]

That’s just one part; the complete version has NSFW language, but it’s really funny. The thing is, Poe’s law reigns supreme amongst alt-medders. I wonder how many chiropractors will put this up on their office wall as a guide for their patients?

Tip o’ the subluxated spine to Fark.

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Metrocontextual science map

By Phil Plait | August 31, 2010 7:00 am

Crispian Jago makes completely transparent attempts to get linked from blogs. The thing is, he keeps doing spectacular stuff!

This time it’s a metro-subway-style map showing scientists of the past 400 or so years. It’s wonderfully detailed! Here it is shrunk enough to fit on my meager 610-pixel wide blog:


[Click to unsubwaynate and get the 2Mb 4500 x 2700 pixel version.]

Each color track route represent a field of science – brown is chemistry, red is theoretical physical and quantum mechanics, and so on – and the time is concentric, with the 16th Century in the middle, and current time on the outside. Just like a subway map where there are transfer points, some people span more than one discipline, and you can see that as two circles connecting different tracks. Stephen Hawking, for example, is astronomy and physics. Here’s a zoom:
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I am a skeptic chipmunk

By Phil Plait | April 15, 2010 7:28 am

Last year I linked to Crispian Jago’s brilliant Skeptic Trump playing cards, featuring a few of skepticism’s stars. He included me in that constellation… but apparently was determined to make up for it by updating the cards and implying I have gained weight, presumably all in my mandible:


Hmph. I think Rebecca faired better, though apparently she ironically has the mumps (I blame Jenny McCarthy). To be fair, though, he nailed Ben Goldacre’s hair and Brian Cox’s teeth. And, I’ll admit: it’s not bad company for a chipmunk.

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Easy-reading chiropractic libel for young readers

By Phil Plait | December 19, 2009 10:00 am

Crispian Jago may be our single greatest weapon against nonsense that exists when it comes to the public. Why would I say that? Just go and read his brilliant satirical page, "The Ladybird Book of Chiropractic Treatment and English Libel Law".


Incredible. He sets the bar pretty high for himself — he did the Skeptics playing cards (he even made one for me), a homeopathic urine video, and much more. He’s hysterically funny, with a laser-sharp wit. When most of us are grinding our teeth and fuming, he is responding with humor that cuts right through the garbage and exposes the fetid underbelly of antiscience nonsense like chiropractic.

If you liked his Young Readers book, then please Digg it! Help spread the word, and show the world that science cannot be silenced.

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Respect mah skeptical authoritay

By Phil Plait | October 9, 2009 8:00 am

crispianjago_skepticalparkCrispian Jago is a UK skeptic and clearly someone who craves nothing more than attention from other skeptical blogs. Why else then does he create such fantastic content destined to be linked and spread around the critical thinking community like an online Ebola? Case in point: his South Park satire of skepticism which made me laugh out loud.

I think he really captured Tim Minchin perfectly.

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