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Comic takedown of global warming denial

By Phil Plait | December 15, 2010 12:00 pm

Daryl Cunningham is a British skeptic and cartoonist who makes brilliant cartoon panels on topics antiscientific. He’s covered homeopathy, Moon hoaxers, and antivaxxers, and now he has dipped his toe into the rising sea levels of climate change denialism.


I really like Darryl’s style; whimsical but on-target. He’s careful to present the facts, and to be balanced where called for. The drawings help make the information easier to understand and ingest, which I find fascinating and could be a topic of a post on its own. A comic like this can go a lot further toward increasing awareness of the basics of climate change and its deniers. I hope he continues to create these panels; they are a real boon for skepticism and reality.

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Moon hoax comic

By Phil Plait | July 22, 2010 11:30 am

Darryl Cunningham, who took down homeopathy and Andrew Wakefield in comic form, has turned his attention to the Moon Hoax. His cartoon about it is very well done and worth checking out.


At TAM8 I was accosted by an honest-to-Armstrong Moon Hoax believer. I was surprised, as this particular species is very close to extinction, even in the wilds of places like YouTube. Perhaps I’ll tell that tale in detail sometime, as it was interesting, but suffice to say that while I was happy to be interviewed by him at first, his persistent and accusatory sideswipes at me (and My Close Personal Friend Adam Savage™) at the meeting quickly grew tiresome, and I told him to go away. I would’ve talked to him, but it was obvious that he couldn’t take "no" for an answer — he clearly had an arsenal of things he wanted to confront me with, and I knew if I engaged him I’d never get away from him. It was a matter of return on investment; spend an hour or more debunking his claims, or go have skeptical fun with friends I only get to see once per year during the short time we’re together at TAM. Hmmmm… but too bad. It would’ve been interesting to talk to him about all this, but he made it impossible.

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Homeopathy made simple

By Phil Plait | July 3, 2010 7:30 am

Darryl Cunningham — the man who did this devastating comic strip about antivaxxers — has turned his sights on homeopathy. In just a few dozen panels he describes this alt-med nonsense, shows why it’s nonsense, shows why it’s dangerous, and then provides a dramatic and emotional example of just how and why belief in homeopathy can kill.


His terse description of the Penelope Dingle case hits like a punch in the throat. Homeopathy is dangerous, mostly because it lures people away from real medicine. But it’s also dangerous because it promotes magical thinking, which eats away at all of reality.

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