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Top 24 Deep Space Pictures of 2011

By Phil Plait | December 14, 2011 5:30 am
Top 24 Deep Space Images of 2011
Cold star birth in the Scorpion's tail
The Milky Way's bigger twin brother
The blobby, tendrily cycle of stellar life
Death in a beehive
Slammin' star is shocking
Cosmic collision celebrates Hubble's anniversary
Star versus black hole. Guess who wins?
A star on the edge of death
The Whirlpool's dusty arms
A baby star throws a cosmic hissy fit
Hubble saw the first exoplanets - but didn't know it!
Our warm, invisible neighbor
Cosmic smashup
The coolest brown dwarf
The Milquetoasty Way Galaxy
The knotty eye of the cat
The glow of a baby planet
A view of Andromeda that's hot and cold
A violent soap bubble
The Imposter Cluster
Orion's dusty head
Space Volvox
The Beauty of Orion Carved out of the Dark

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A cluster's masquerade

By Phil Plait | September 8, 2011 6:40 am

When I first saw this picture of NGC 2100, I thought it was a globular cluster. But I was wrong. That happens sometimes. Still, it’s worth it to see such a magnificent photo:

Yegads! What a shot! [Click to enstellarnate.]

Globular clusters are tightly packed collections of thousands of stars in a roughly spherical shape (hence their name), and are generally very old. But upon second glance, the stars of NGC 2100 in this image didn’t look quite right to me. There didn’t appear to be enough, for one thing, and though they’re highly concentrated in the center, the distribution around the core seemed off somehow.

Turns out that’s correct. Read More

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