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Timescapes 4k: a time lapse of super hi-res beauty

By Phil Plait | June 3, 2012 7:00 am

Listen, I don’t usually hawk stuff on this blog. When I do urge you to give up your hard-earned lucre, I only link to stuff that I really like, and from people I really support.

Having said that: go buy this video.

Tom Lowe is an amazing photographer, and his time lapse videos are simply astonishing (see Related Posts at the bottom of this post). I could throw lots of words around, but why waste your time? Just watch the trailer for his new video, Timescapes 4k:

[Make that full screen and turn your speakers up.]

Stunning. Jaw-dropping. Mind-blowing. Drop-dead gorgeous. Seriously, wow.

The whole thing was shot in very hi-def (4096 x 2304 pixels) on a Red camera — I’ve seen this camera at work, and the video from it is breath-taking. Tom uses this to its full potential, creating a time lapse movie that, seriously, has set a new standard of beauty and awe for the genre.

It’s not just land and skyscapes, either. His shots of people are enthralling. I love the dancing native American — the sparks from the fire make that scene — and for some reason the rodeo dude is strangely compelling shot in slow motion. The people dancing at an outdoor concert are surreal, too.

You can order the video from Tom’s website, and it’s available on iTunes, too.

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Time lapse: the VLA dances in TimeScapes 4k

By Phil Plait | December 6, 2011 1:46 pm

Tom Lowe is a photographer who makes amazing time lapse videos (like "Rapture"). He just released a new one, an incredibly beautiful one called TimeScapes 4k, which you can watch below. Make sure it’s set to HD and make it full screen:

[You can also watch it on YouTube.]

Holy wow! I know you must think I love the night skies he shows in graceful and lovely sequences, but to be honest, one of my favorite parts was right at the beginning, with the water flowing over the cliff. And of course the waterfall and moonbow were lovely… and timely, since I wrote about this exact same sort of scene just a few days ago!

Still and all, yes, I have to admit the whole video is stolen by the sequences of the Very Large Array in New Mexico as the dishes move from one cosmic target to the next (seemingly in time with the music, which is pretty cool). Tom wanted to get access to the array, and asked me for help. I steered him to my pal Nicole Gugliucci (pronounced "Grrrflappenklarven"), a radio astronomer, who was able to get him set up with the folks at VLA. So I’m pleased to have been involved with this video, even if in an indirect and small way.

And this, by the way, is only a small portion of an entire film he is making. You can find out more about that and how to pre-order it on his Vimeo page.

And you should follow Tom on Google+! He posts really nice photos there.

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Awesome timelapse video: Rapture

By Phil Plait | November 1, 2010 6:00 am

Tom Lowe is an amazing photographer who makes devastating, astonishing timelapse videos of the night sky. Once again, he does not disappoint. Here’s your must-see video of the day: Rapture.

TimeScapes: Rapture from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo.

Make sure it’s set to HD, make it full screen, and turn your speakers up. I suggest letting the video buffer get well ahead, too, so it doesn’t skip.

Rapture is a paean to the American Southwest, one of my favorite regions on the planet. But the video’s loaded with gorgeous, sensuous astronomical skyscapes as well. Tom takes time exposures long enough to register faint night sky objects, but at the same time uses slow tracking to move the camera. The superposition of the ground and sky motion is simply mesmerizing. The music by Nigel "John" Stanford is incredibly compelling, too.

How many deep-sky objects can you identify in the video? The Andromeda Galaxy makes a brief appearance, and when the hub of the Milky Way slides across the sky, it’s awesome to behold.

Tom is the real thing. You should also check out his "Death Is the Road to Awe", a similar timelapse video.

Simply incredible. There is such beauty out there, and such gifted artists who can capture it and show it to us.

My thanks to Tom for giving me the heads-up on this. Follow him on Twitter for more information about his amazing work.


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