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The funny thing about science

By Phil Plait | October 12, 2012 10:00 am

Science is cool. I know that, and you probably know that, but a lot of people still don’t.

That’s why I love love love this series of ads by the Vancouver Science World Centre, a science museum in Canada:

That’s just one of several posted on Buzzfeed. They’re all funny, and some are gross, which is also funny.

This is the same museum that ran really funny TV ads earlier this year, too. In my opinion they’ve set the standard on how to reach out to folks and get them interested in the natural world. The ads are funny, which gets your attention; makes an odd, seemingly out-of-place statement, which keeps your attention a bit longer; then uses the phrase "We can explain", which brings the message home. Awesomeness.

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This is how you advertise science

By Phil Plait | June 12, 2012 12:30 pm

The Vancouver Science World Centre has been running some really, really great ads over the past few months. I like this one:

The others are great, too. I’d seen the kissing one before, but the Ice Creamy Goodness one made me laugh and laugh. It’s um, probably NSFW.

We could use ads like this down here in the States. I’d like to see science portrayed as more fun. Maybe it would help stem the tide of antiscience that threatens us so severely.

Cripes. Science is fun. Try this one on for size if you don’t believe me.

Tip o’ the lab coat to Buzzfeed.

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