Spring Forward and Track Migrations for Citizen Science

By Arvind Suresh (Editor) | March 9, 2015 5:00 am
Photo: USFWS

Photo: USFWS

We think migration is one of the most astounding phenomena in the animal world. Creatures large and small travel hundreds, even thousands of miles along the same routes every year, to the amazement of us human observers.

Here are five migration projects that study migratory wildlife and are in need of your observations.


dragonflyDragonfly Migration

There are five main species of migratory dragonflies in North America, and your help is needed to track their populations. Submit data as they migrate or during the breeding season!

ruby throatOperation Ruby Throat

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are one of the most popular and recognizable birds in North and Central America. Volunteers are needed to submit data on these tiny, vibrant birds.

journey northJourney North

This project monitors the migrations of butterflies, whooping cranes, whales, and more! With interactive maps, teacher resources, and frequent news updates, Journey North is a great project for learners of all ages.

killer whale

Killer Whale Tracker

Want to study whales but don’t live near the ocean? This is the project for you! Listen for whale sounds from your home computer and alert local researchers when you hear a killer whale.

migrant watchMigrantWatch

Calling all Indian citizen scientists: Your help is needed to track migratory birds across India. Help understand and protect the migration of some of your favorite species.

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Photo Credits: USFWS (Dragonfly Migration, Ruby Throat), Jenny Eckman (Journey North)
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