Is There a Community Lab Near You? Find Lab Space, Equipment, and Training in Your Area!

By Guest | May 20, 2015 5:29 am

Photo: NIH

Do you want to explore, invent, design, or create something but don’t have the facilities to do so? Do you want to learn more about biotechnology, science, and laboratory safety? Community labs may be the perfect fit for you!

Community labs are rapidly spreading throughout the world. Our editors highlight five, below.

People often pay a membership fee to join and gain access to the lab’s space, community, equipment, materials and guidance. Members join existing projects or design and carry out independent research.

If you run or belong to one not already listed on SciStarter, go ahead and add it so we can help more citizen scientists find it!



Photo: Biocurious


Located just outside San Jose, California, BioCurious provides lab space and equipment to its members. They also offer safety and equipment training. In addition to the paid membership option, BioCurious runs community projects that are free and open to the public.

counter culture labs

Photo: Counter Culture Labs

Counter Culture Labs 

This Oakland, California, lab is still in its early days, with a physical space developing. Members who join now can participate in the planning process, meet like-minded people interested in science, and collaborate on the lab’s current project- making vegan cheese!

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Photo: GenSpace


The GenSpace lab provides access to biotechnology and scientific investigation in Brooklyn, New York. GenSpace members can use the lab facilities for their own research, and children and adults can participate in classes and events.

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Photo: BUGSS


The Baltimore UnderGround Science Space offers equipment and lab space for members to explore biotechnology. They also offer short courses on topics like 3D printing and synthetic biology.

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Photo: DIYBio


DIY Bio isn’t just one lab; it’s a global community of public laboratories, including the ones we’ve described above. They’ll help you find a lab in your area, answer your biosafety questions, and provide resources for do-it-yourself biotechnology.

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