Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of (citizen science) Service.

By Darlene Cavalier | January 17, 2016 5:20 pm


The Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service is Monday, January 18, and the Corporation for National and Community Service is leading an effort to help millions of Americans  volunteer to honor Dr. King’s legacy through service. 

Now,  anyone who wants to volunteer to help advance scientific research can easily find hundreds of opportunities to do so on and where SciStarter’s searchable database of citizen science projects can be found. Simple search for “citizen science” or “STEM” projects in the “Find a Volunteer Opportunity”.  All For Good, a service of Points of Light, generated more than 64 million searches for volunteer projects last year.

A citizen science project can involve one person or millions of people collaborating toward a common goal. SciStarter aggregates more than 1,100 citizen science projects on a single website in order to connect scientists and community leaders with anyone who wants to contribute to valuable science.

“SciStarter is thrilled to share its extensive database of citizen science projects with All For Good’s active community of millions of people eager to find ways to make the world a better place,” said Darlene Cavalier, Director of SciStarter. “Why not change the world through service to science?”

“SciStarter will help us connect more people to projects that will have a real impact on a range of diverse research areas, including ecology, environment, health, astronomy, ornithology and more,” said Art Ordoqui, Senior Director, Product Development, Points of Light. “All For Good also shares projects with the website for volunteer opportunities, so federal employees will now be able to find and join SciStarter’s citizen science projects just in time for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, when everyone is encouraged to participate in a Day of Service.”

All For Good is joined by several other partners that feature projects from SciStarter’s database, including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Discover Magazine, Astronomy Magazine, PBS Kids, and more.

Participation Details for Project Owners and Interested Citizen Scientists It’s easy for researchers from around the world to add their projects to SciStarter’s growing Project Finder, tapping into the network of portal partners and project participants at All For Good and others, by clicking “add a project” from SciStarter’s homepage [].

About SciStarter

SciStarter aims to enable people to contribute to science through informal recreational activities and formal research efforts. The website creates a shared space where scientists can connect with people interested in working on or learning about joint research projects.

About All For Good

All for Good – a service of Points of Light – is one of the world’s largest free, online marketplaces matching volunteers with opportunities to serve. Users of All for Good generated nearly 64 million project searches in the past year for 300,000 volunteer projects. ###

  • Uncle Al

    1) Honest citizens fundamentally have no right not to help the deserving.
    2) The difference between seduction and rape is salesmanship.
    3) Drink of social activism funnels’ narrow ends.
    4) Stand high atop others’ corpses.

    “We cannot earn it, so we deserve it.” Really? Any charity fulfilling those boundary conditions is obscene. Contrast that with a library. Vast resources are provided free to all, only helping those who help themselves. Know the difference, only support the latter. Department of Education bad, Khan Academy good. UN bad, Citizen Science good.


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About Darlene Cavalier

Darlene Cavalier is the founder of SciStarter and the founder of Science Cheerleader (an organization of more than 300 current and former NFL and NBA cheerleaders who are also scientists and engineers). Cavalier is a founding partner of ECAST (Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology), currently engaged in a Cooperative Agreement with NASA, a Professor of Practice at Arizona State University’s Consortium of Science, Policy and Outcomes, and a contributing editor at Discover Magazine.


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