Words with (Citizen Science) Friends

By Guest | February 19, 2016 7:46 pm

wordleLanguage is a critical component of our lives and so our editors are excited to share their favorite “word” projects from the SciStarter Project Finder! Check out these top notch word projects in need of your help!


The SciStarter Team


iopSmithsonian Transcription Center

The Smithsonian and the National Museum of Natural History need your help to transcribe online text from historical notebooks and specimen records, from the comfort of your home. Get started!



To help make computers understand human languages, scientists first need to know how our words are given meaning. You can participate in this fun project contributing to linguistics and artificial intelligence. Get started!



Do you enjoy reading about science? If so, then this is the project for you! Find key words and phrases in research papers to help scientists study NGLY1, a rare genetic disorder.
Get started! 


nnNotes from Nature

Transcribing museum and herbarium records is essential to preserve the knowledge gained over the past few centuries. Help transcribe these important records online!  Get started!


itIgnore That!

How easily distracted are you? Can you stay focused when presented with lots of information and noise? Participation in this project takes only 5 minutes, and you’ll contribute to research on language and thought processes. Get started!


csdNational Citizen Science Day!

SciStarter is a proud partner of National Citizen Science Day, presented by the Citizen Science Association. This celebration kicks off on April 16 and runs through May 21, 2016. Hundreds of events will be held throughout the country, and you can find them here.

Have your own event? Use the “Add an Event” form to post your event on this official Citizen Science Day event calendar!


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