Stay warm with winter projects from home!

By Sarah Newman | December 9, 2017 4:06 pm


This week we are highlighting projects that help advance research on penguins, seals, the Antarctica and more.

The SciStarter Team


Maria Stenzel
This one involves a little travel to an unexpected biodiversity “hot” spot: Antarctica. This project connects you with teams of scientists to study communities of phytoplankton living within the fjords of the west Antarctic peninsula.
Location: Antarctica

Satellites Over Seals (SOS)

Seal for Satellites Over Seals _SOS_
Jean Pennycook
Not planning a trip to Antarctica? Fly over the perimeter of Antarctica (virtually) to see Weddell seals so you can participate in the first-ever count of this iconic species.
Location: Online


eMammal Logo
Smithsonian Institution
Ever wonder what animals also call your yard home? Using camera traps, learn which animals walk, play and eat in your backyard or schoolyard when you’re not looking. Then you contribute your pictures to the Smithsonian Data Repository.
Location: Online


EyesOnALZ logo
Human Computation Institute
It takes one hour to collect data on one patient, and one week to manually analyze. Speed up biomedical research on Alzheimer’s by building 3D blood flow models and discovering stalled vessels in the addicting game, Stall Catchers! (This is a SciStarter Affiliate project! Earn credit for your participation in your SciStarter dashboard.)
Location: Online

Study Adélie Penguin Breeding 

Baby and parent penguin for Study Ad_lie Penguin Breeding project
Jean Pennycook
Get field experience in remote Antarctica from your classroom or home: observe in real time the harsh daily life of a special group of Adélie penguins as they breed, brood and grow.
Location: Online



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