Play it forward with citizen science games!

By lshell | September 10, 2018 11:29 am
NES-Controller_Nintendo_Clipart_by_DG-RAThink science is all work and no play? Try your hand at these four citizen science projects and advance scientific research while you play games!
The SciStarter Team

Stall Catchers, by EyesonALZeyesonALZ

View short video clips of ultrasounds that show blood moving through vessels of mice. Click when you see stalled blood flow. This project is already helping scientists at Cornell accelerate research on Alzheimer’s.
Location: Online Only


Hunt for five different malaria species by playing a game! Incidents of malaria can be very time consuming to identify and with millions of cases in the world it takes a skilled technician a lot of time to identify infections. This project tests the use of games to process the same information in a fun way!

Location: Online Only


Have you ever met an enthusiastic group of video game playing citizen scientists intermittently shouting, “FOR SCIENCE!”? Join hundreds of thousands of other players to help map the 3D neural network of the human brain with an engaging video game.
Location: Online Only

advert_MJArRKuHarvard PGP-Lumosity Memory Challenge

Help scientists investigate how memory is anchored in DNA by playing six memory games to help neurodegenerative genetics research!
Location: Online Only

desk-outside-320x180Free webinars for Educators

BirdSleuth K-12, from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is now offering a free webinar series designed to help educators connect students to nature and develop science skills through citizen science.
Various dates and times

UnknownUpcoming Workshop for Citizen Science Project Organizers

Practitioner Workshop for Deploying SciStarter Affiliate Tools To Support Strategic STEM Learning
Raleigh, NC
November 8-9, 2018

Did you know your SciStarter dashboard helps you track your contributions to projects? Complete your profile to access this and other free tools. It’s also how we match you with the best projects near you.

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