Give the gift of citizen science this year!

By lshell | December 1, 2018 6:53 pm
winter-gift-holdingOverwhelmed with holiday shopping? Well, maybe our team can help you out with some gifts that support citizen science!
Whether it’s a kit or some citizen science project swag, there are a lot of ways to show your support and share the world of citizen science with your friends and relatives.
The SciStarter Team

pocketlabadPocket Lab

Want high dollar lab equipment for less than $100? Try the Pocket Lab — you can measure motion, acceleration, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure, altitude, and temperature all connected to your phone using the Pocket Lab app! Save 10% by using the coupon code “SCISTARTER”
Location: Global

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 5.19.27 PMAirCasting AirBeam

AirCasting is an open-source, end-to-end solution for collecting, displaying, and sharing health and environmental data using your smartphone. The AirBeam is a palm-sized tool that can monitor your air for pollution.
Location: Global

94ac11169ec0ded37ca54794a6b1a904_4dd85c03-f99b-4630-ae36-58826cd8b788_900xAmino Labs #100Kbio Challenge

Amino Labs wants to create 100,000 bioengineers in 100 days! Bring the lab to your home with these cool kits involving genetic engineering and bio art! You can create bacterial art on petri plates and even preserve your work. Kits start at $10.

Location: Global

lacrosse330-2315CoCoRaHS Equipment

Make it easier to measure rain, hail and snow to provide weather data to meteorologists with CoCoRaHS. They have official weather stations, rain gauges and even weather alert radios!
Location: North America

Tools_SQMGlobe at Night Sky Quality Meter

Measure the light of the night using the Sky Quality Meter. Following instructions on a related kit available through select libraries, you’ll track light pollution for the Globe at Night project.
Location: Global

Tools_lensesExplore Biodiversity

Clip-on lenses for your cell phone make capturing high quality images of wildlife even easier! Following instructions on a related kit available through select libraries, you’ll upload your images into iNaturalist to get IDs and also contribute to measuring biodiversity in your neighborhood or while on vacation!
Location: Global

7b3e1f8b3c7c4511b30ea03b6101e2efAmerican Gut Home Sampling Kit

Make a donation to American Gut to receive a kit to learn more about what microbes make you unique. The kits will help researchers study the microbes in and on us, as well as allowing participants to compare their microfauna with others!
Location: United States of America

SETIMugSETI Institute Swag

Support the SETI Institute citizen science project SETI@Home by purchasing from their gift shop. The proceeds support SETI@Home to search for intelligent life outside of Earth.
Location: Global

Tools_light_trapZomBee Hunting Kit

Purchase a $15 kit with all of the items you need to participate in the Zombee Watch citizen science project. Set up the trap to learn where honeybees are being infected by Zombie Flies in North America. Email to place your order.
Location: Global

Your SciStarter dashboard helps you track your contributions to projects. Complete your profile to access this and other free tools. It’s also how we match you with the best projects near you. Explore over 3000 other citizen science projects with our Project Finder!
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