Rams vs. Patriots: Citizen Science Projects with the Science Cheerleaders

By lshell | January 29, 2019 2:05 pm

We’re highlighting five citizen science projects to celebrate the Super Bowl! In this newsletter, we’re also featuring the Science Cheerleaders: current and former NFL and NBA cheerleaders pursuing science careers.

These SciCheers hail from L.A. and Boston.

Our editors included a project for all the fans traveling to Atlanta for the big game!

The SciStarter Team

hilary_Scienceatthesixers_edit-500x461_cropHilary from Boston Picks: Mission: Starlight (UV Protection)

Science Cheerleader Hilary here, from the home of the GOAT New England Patriots! My favorite citizen science project is Mission: Starlight. In this project, you test different materials to see how well they block UV light, with the end goal of helping astronauts stay safe from ultraviolet radiation when they’re in outer space and much closer to the sun! I think this project is great because it thrives on creative ideas from all different people, so thinking outside the box is a real plus!

Location: Global

samantha1Samantha from L.A. Picks: DeepMoji

Samantha, an engineer and former AZ Cardinals cheerleader, now lives in sunny LA, home of the Rams…although the Eagles will always be her team. “My favorite citizen science project is DeepMoji. In this project, share how you feel about your latest tweets using emojis! The goal of the project is to collect data to help improve artificial intelligence so that technology can begin to detect emotions better. This project is a fun way to get involved in citizen science while also contributing to new innovations.”

Location: Global

Stephanie-editSpotlighting Rams Cheerleader Stephanie 

Stephanie is a Health and Wellness Entrepreneur. One project that aligns with her STEM interests is the LA Nature Map project! Try it next time you’re out and about in LA.

Location: Greater Los Angeles, California USA

JennaPatriots Cheerleader Jenna Picks: FreeGeek

Jenna is an Electrical Engineer when she’s not cheering at a Patriots game. Engineers love to build and invent new things. One project that aligns with Jenna’s STEM interests is FreeGeek: anyone can build and test new computers to donate to those in need!

Location: United States

urbanbirdAnd this one is for everyone heading to the big game in Atlanta: Celebrate Urban Birds

Fans in Atlanta, home of the Falcons and Hawks, are no strangers to cheering on birds! Track birds for 10 minutes in a small area and help ornithologists learn about 16 key species of urban birds. While you’re looking, see if you can observe some hawks or falcons in your midst!
Location: United States

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