The Radical Green Makeover

By Keith Kloor | October 2, 2009 1:11 pm

Interesting headline by Grist.

Once upon a time, radical greens might have been called monkey-wrenchers, bombers, arsonists, whale defenders, even tree-sitters.

Today, if you belong to a green group that is agitating against the congressional climate bill, because you think it’s not strong enough to curb global warming, you might as well be a traitor to the cause. That’s the unmistakable subtext of this Grist story.

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  • Judy Cross

    It would be hard to understand the role James Hansen is taking, except when you remember Lenin’s remark that the best way to defeat the opposition is to control them.

    Cap and Trade is going to be another deluge of money for what FDR called the Banksters.  Goldman Sachs planned to be the only brokerage house that would be allowed to trade between continental markets…in other words, all carbon trading between North America markets and the rest of the world would be funneled through them, so they collect a commission on each trade.

    BTW, has grist mentioned anything about the latest scandal involving tree core selection and Keith Briffa?


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