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By Keith Kloor | January 21, 2011 2:05 pm

America’s most famous mob family may be gone, but who is anyone kidding here, with this “biggest Mafia takedown ever”? Wise guys are like zombies. One gets whacked or goes to jail and another takes his place. But oh, those names:

By early Thursday, TV stations showed some of the suspects “” mainly middle-aged or older men “” being brought in for processing, their wrists handcuffed, bellies bulging over loose jeans and sweatpants. Many had nicknames that read like a Hollywood script: “Lumpy,” “Johnny Pizza,” “The Bull,” “Baby Fat,” “Mush,” “Jello,” and “Meatball” among them.

On one of the best damn shows ever, they looked like this

So the real thing still lives, but damn if their days aren’t numbered:

Despite the scope of the arrests, [U.S. Attorney General Eric] Holder said the mob remains a threat and that its extinction is still a goal of the FBI. “How much time that’s going to take, I can’t predict, but that is certainly the goal,” he said.

As a famous stooge once said, Cointinly!

Calling David Chase! Calling David Chase! It’s time to resurrect Tony

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