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By Keith Kloor | January 27, 2011 6:14 pm

I generally like to go elsewhere for these nuggets, but this one makes you wonder:

If you chart acceptance of the Romm hell and high water scenario against the time he’s blogged, you will see a steady downturn beginning right about when he started. Romm isn’t swimming against the stream. He’s pushing the stream in the other direction.

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  • kdk33

    If you chart human prosperity versus temperature you get an equally interesting result.

  • David44

    Geez, Keith.  For someone who doesn’t like Romm’s style, you sure point to his blog a lot.  Does he get an advertising kaching every time one of us clicks on your links to him?  Hope not, I really hate to see him rewarded for his asinine behavior.

  • mobk

    Wow  – must be a slow day. Three Romm posts!

    Pielke-type policies can have their day in the sun. At some point though we will want climate policies that actually work to slow the rate of climate change.

    Of course at that point it will be largely too late, so we will just have to take whatever good and bad a warming world throws at us.

  • Keith Kloor

    What can I say, except that he’s great for material. But I wouldn’t exactly characterize them as three posts–when only one really focused on anything he wrote.

    Per your second graph: As some point, folks like you will recognize that your chosen climate policies have had their day in the sun–for over a decade–and correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t the world kept warming?

  • mobk


    I’m not sure what the chosen climate policies of “folks like me” are. Maybe you should tell me since you seem to know what “folks like me” think.

    I absolutely agree with you that efforts to do what is required – reduce fossil carbon emissions – have been a near total failure so far.  I don’t agree with you where you essentially say – “since we haven’t been successful with what is required, we should do something relatively ineffective but easier instead.”

    But if framed as a choice of either “do nothing” or “do Pielke/Hartwell type policies” then even some “folks like me” think that Pielke/Hartwell type policies are better than nothing (for instance reducing non-CO2 forcers will slow climate change somewhat and have co-benefits for air quality), just don’t expect that suite of policies to be sufficient.  And expect those policies to be abandoned for more effective policies – possibly too late.

    And yes you did so write 3 Romm posts in a day :-)

  • Steve Mennie

    And just for the record..altho’ I’m not a raving Romm fan, I must admit that one is more likely to find something worth reading or that points to something worth reading on his blog than this one. I’m still unable to fathom just what it is that you are attempting here with your limp-wristed and wishy-washy half assertions and maybe this-maybe that “let’s all get along” approach. :)


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