An 'Unholy Alliance'

By Keith Kloor | January 30, 2011 12:56 pm

But the same formula for this partnership, no?

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  • David44

    Isn’t it interesting that a Senator (Grassley) from a corn state (Iowa) backs the EPA ethanol rule while a Senator (Inhofe) from an oil state (Oklahoma) is against it?  I say phase out all energy and agricultural subsidies.  Energy wouldn’t be so cheap as to encourage wanton use and food wouldn’t be so cheap as to encourage unhealthy fast foods without taxpayer subsidies.
    Federal support should be limited to R&D for all technologies.  (This doesn’t eliminate the problem of how to ensure inclusion of externalities in the prices of energy and food, but it would be a huge step in the right direction.)  Once technology is developed to proof of concept/pilot plant level, it must stand on it’s own in the private sector without subsidy.

  • David44

    Breaking News

    China announces plans to build Thorium Molten Salt Reactor after scientists visit Oak Ridge National Laboratory where it was invented in the 1960s.
    Our government has ignored this revolutionary nuclear technology for 50 years, now the Chinese are going to develop it before we do.

  • kdk33

    “I say phase out all energy and agricultural subsidies”

    Careful, you’re sounding like a free market capitalist.

    BTW, fuel ethanol is a debacle, and a perfect example of why government ought not pick winners and losers.

  • David44

    Yep,and yep.  I believe in open markets and that capitalism is the engine of economic advancement.  But if your definition of free market capitalism means unfettered, unregulated, predatory capitalism that leaves American workers and the middle class out of that advancement, feel free to call me a socialist.

  • Simon Hopkinson

    I think kdk believes in Classical Liberalism. I don’t.

    Classical Liberalism isn’t a familiar term in the UK, and the principles of Classical Liberalism, such as they were ever present, died two centuries ago, as did far too many children locked inside burning woollen mills – sometimes even chained to the machinery. Kids, being kids, had a tendency to play instead of work, when the overseer left them and went home to bed.

  • Simon Hopkinson

    Ahh wait.. my bad. I’ve merged my reading of two threads, and posted in the wrong one. My post is badly placed. Apologies, kdk.

  • David44


    I understand your problem.  Keith throws so many posts against the wall to see what sticks that it’s hard to have a meaningful discussion on any particular one.


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