Morano Goes in for the Kill

By Keith Kloor | May 13, 2011 2:00 pm

If you’re Newt Gingrich, and you’re worried about your right flank, you’re thinking there’s an upside to all the grief Marc Morano is causing you: at least no family values conservatives are loudly pestering you to apologize for being a hypocrite of Olympian proportions.

  • Steven Sullivan

    For awhile when he was ‘in the wilderness’, Newt was selling himself as a futurist, forward-looking kind of guy, something of a science nerd as well as a history nerd.
    Now, of course, he was only for AGW mitigation until he was against it.  Like Romney and universal health care.
    Newt is shameless and, I’m beginning to think, a pathological narcissist of Trumpian proportions.

  • Keith Kloor

    On your last graph, I think there’s enough evidence to support this.

  • Eli Rabett

    And your friend Morano who you and your friend Jr. shopped Michael Tobis to??¬† Love nest, that’s what it is.


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