Is Environmentalism Anti-Science?

By Keith Kloor | May 24, 2012 1:01 pm

That’s the title of a new post I have up at Discover magazine’s website. I’m specifically drilling down into the widespread anti-GMO activism/sentiment within the green movement. As I write at Discover:

The big story on this front of late has been the planned act of vandalism on the government-funded Rothamsted research station in the UK. Scientists there are testing an insect-resistant strain of genetically modified wheat that is objectionable to an anti-GMO group called Take the Flour Back. The attack on the experimental wheat plot is slated for May 27. The group explains that it intends destroy the plot because “this open air trial poses a real, serious and imminent contamination threat to the local environment and the UK wheat industry.”

And as I also noted, this planned act of destruction is part of a larger trend in anti-GMO activism–what is euphemistically called “field liberation.” Have a read and weigh in over there. I’m sure there will be some interesting exchanges in the comment thread.

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