Prince Charles is No Friend of Science

By Keith Kloor | May 9, 2013 12:36 pm

The Guardian reports that Prince Charles is standing up for climate science and criticizing the forces of climate change denial.

If you know about the Prince’s GMO fear-mongering and falsehoods about GM crops and his dangerous promotion of alternative medicine (such as homeopathy), then you know he is not the best emissary for science. Indeed, one well-respected scientist has called him a “snake-oil salesman.”  The British science writer Simon Singh has said the Prince is “ideologically fixated” on unproven alternative health treatments because of his nature-centric philosophy. (The Prince also has a well-known fetish for organic agriculture.)

As the Telegraph reported in 2011:

Such is the Prince’s belief in the natural world that he believes in climate change despite not comprehending it, Singh said.

‘Whatever the evidence he would be in favour of combating climate change,’he said. ‘But if there wasn’t evidence he wouldn’t change his mind, I believe.

‘I’m sure he doesn’t understand the science behind it.’

Yeah, that’s the guy you want leading the call to action on climate change.

[Official Photo of Prince Charles in his military uniform on his 6oth birthday. Via Guardian.]

  • Mark Hoofnagle


  • Buddy199

    The end result of 947 years of royal inbreeding.

  • mem_somerville

    Did you catch this the other day? Prince Charles’ “Veg Shed” organic produce shop apparently not sustainable. Hmm. Should’ve used homeopathic currency.

  • Mike Mangan

    Prince Charles, Algore, and Michael Mann. Yes, this IS the best your crowd will ever do, Keith.

  • kdk33

    I’m sorry, but who is this Charles fellow. :-)

    • Nullius in Verba

      He’s, like, the British version of Joe Biden. 2nd in line to the head of state, thing.

      Yes, the similarities are uncanny…

  • Tom Scharf

    I think he better check his carbon footprint before he starts lecturing the rest of us…

  • Andrew Adams

    Yeah, that’s the guy you want leading the call to action on climate change.
    Potraying Al Gore as some kind leader of the “climate change movement” is dubious enough, the notion that Prince Charles is somehow “leading the call to action” and not just regarded by everyone as a crank regardless of their (and his) views on climate change is just silly.


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