Blowback from the Anti-GMO Crowd

By Keith Kloor | May 14, 2014 11:26 am

I’m not feeling the love:

Journalist Keith Kloor, always a busy beaver advancing the biotech industry’s agenda, linked to Food & Water Watch in a recent blog, portraying us as part of the “GMO Fear Train” that’s going off the tracks.

His post centered on New York Times’ writer Mark Bittman’s recent statement that GMOs are “probably harmless,” a stance Food & Water Watch criticized last week as hollow and shortsighted.

The advocacy group is referring to this recent post of mine on Bittman’s apparent turnabout on GMOs. The evidence for my “busy beaver” work on behalf of the biotech industry is a link to this CJR piece from last year, which noted that I had “made a beat out of policing bad journalism related to GMOs.”

It is unfortunate that some progressive voices in the food movement are blind to their denialism on the scientific consensus regarding the safety of GMO foods, but as I have written before, “they are the climate skeptics of the left.”

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