Shining a Light on Mike Adams, AKA The Health Ranger

By Keith Kloor | March 10, 2015 2:40 pm

There is nothing you can say about Mike Adams that is more revealing than what appears at his website, Natural News. For example, today’s bolded headline:

US Navy sailors “disappeared” – Fukushima radiation cover-up

Among the day’s “most read” articles:

Companies begin planting microchips under employees’ skin

Yes, this would be the same Mike Adams that Dr. Oz featured on his show last year. This would be the same Mike Adams who compared Monsanto and its “collaborators” in the media to Nazis. In case you didn’t get the message, he added, in that same article:

it is the moral right — and even the obligation — of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out the killing of those engaged in heinous crimes against humanity.

Shockingly, he went even further, as I reported at the time.

If you want to learn more of the backstory to Adams, including his methods and how he first elevated his profile, read this in-depth investigation by Think Progress. As its article notes:

The “natural” nutrition and health space is, of course, filled with a range of talking heads offering advice that rejects scientific consensus and, in so doing, crosses the thin line separating personal agency from medical irresponsibility.

Adams inhabits a space on the internet that is a cross between Weekly World News and  Alex Jones Infowars. It’s good to see others, like ThinkProgress, taking a closer look at what he’s been saying and selling.

  • mem_somerville

    I am really glad to see increased awareness about this malignant misinformers. It’s really tiring to keep hearing about how bad scientists are at communication, when much of what we do is clean up the mess left by cranks.

    Scicomm pros seem to think we are starting from a clean slate and we just have to connect better. But we aren’t–we have to unshovel copious manure before we can even begin to tell the factual side of the story. And most people don’t want to stick around after you try to explain to them that they have been covered in crap.

    • Cassandra

      When you have to tell people what they believe is horribly wrong, it’s painful and really, really difficult, no matter how nicely you try to do it.

      • Chris Preston

        True, but it is even worse than this. Because you are attacking their belief system, they become very defensive and accuse you of all sorts of things. Disagreement with their assertions is treated as offensive.

        There really is no way to enlighten all people effectively without upsetting some of them. The best way is to simply present the evidence and keep presenting the evidence. In the end, you not expect to change the thinking of the ‘true believers’ but you may better inform those who might otherwise fall for the arguments of Adams et al.

        • Taylor Y

          YOur “evidence” better be factual and not the adulterated, suppressed information from all the alphabet agencies who have been caught lying over and over again. Mike Adams is not perfect and he has his biases, like we all do, but he is NOT a liar. HIs intentions are honest. Follow the money the nest time you try to give someone the “evidence’ published by any of the controlled mainstream avenues.

          • Jane Doe

            Right on…

          • Cassandra Biophilia

            Yes, I check out the original papers often. Articles by ordinary authors are typically inaccurate, even when the gist is right. Even the press releases from the scientists’ own university can be garbled or hyped. That’s why I go back to the original scientific paper after reading a layman’s article.

          • Scott Page

            Actually, IMO, Adams IS a liar and a peddler of malignant and ignorant disinformation. His article on how he got a microscope and saw black flecks (pepper) on Chicken McNuggets proved that they were bad for is a pretty mundane example of this.

          • 752858189

            Liars criticize, whereas honorable teachers give details and evidence for what they say.

          • Scott Low

            Adams only criticizes. He lacks the knowledge to produce meaningful commentary. You know that, yes? It no?

          • Feather

            Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say he isn’t lying. Well, then he is delusional. I really wonder if he just wants to be rich and famous.

          • 752858189

            Two thumbs up Taylor.

        • singingcowboy674

          Isn’t science in and of itself a belief system? I mean you have people you congregate with, you have certain scientists whom you base your entire worldview on; you find your identity in it as well as many other aspects of life. How is it not a belief system in and of itself? It’s a entire worldview.

          • Cassandra Biophilia

            Who bases their “entire world view” on certain scientists? Can you give an example of what you mean?

          • singingcowboy674

            Not specific sciences. But science as it relates to a Materialist world view. Or the idea that the only things that exist is that in the natural world that we can experience with our 5 senses and or is physical.

          • Scott Low

            Wow. No, but it is obvious that the desperate will whatever they have to to try to dismiss science.

          • singingcowboy674

            I accept GOOD science. I just don’t accept ALL science. And most of it is crap nowadays. Agenda, agenda, agenda. Anti God. Anti Creation. Anti Natural.

          • NManning

            Absurd. And a bit projective.

          • singingcowboy674

            Oh no! It does a good enough of a job at that themselves. BUT I don’t blast all areas of science. Just evolution.

          • NManning

            Just because you cannot understand it is no reason to reject it.

          • singingcowboy674

            I only reject the stuff that to me is bunk. And I know that science is a member’s only kind of club. And the arrogance and mockery of anybody outside the club, to me, deligitimizies many aspects of their long held beliefs.

        • 752858189

          Everyone is talking about Adams and how he is the one shoveling manure. However when these here talk they offer no evidence or even appear to offer evidence–yet the one criticized constantly gives reasons for his teachings. I will take the word of the one who gives reason over the critics who give none.

          • Scott Low

            Adams? Gives reasons? His reasons are that he wants your money. Show me on rational explanation Adams has ever given. I can wait.

        • Feather

          Good to be reminded of this. There is no talking to some people. It is sad. Just lost a friend over this kind of thing….she wouldn’t meet me halfway, but doesn’t have facts.

    • John Keen

      mainstream media are the misinformers!! Good luck with your chemotherapy

  • Mike Richardson

    This guy’s definitely got a screw loose. It’s a shame that kind of reporting appeals to people who don’t bother to think critically, but engage in tribalistic group think. And Dr. Oz didn’t do anyone any favors by giving Adams his pseudo-credibility. But as I told my wife, just remember that Dr. Oz shares a name with a famous wizard, and is only slightly more reputable. He might know cardiology, but he certainly hasn’t shown expertise or good judgment in some of the other areas of medical/health knowledge.

  • Buddy199

    “…that it is the moral right — and even the obligation — of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out the killing of those engaged in heinous crimes against humanity.”

    Same old, old song, slightly different language. I always find it interesting how evolution has lead to so many dark corners in the human psyche.

    • Roman

      Isn’t that was politicians call WAR?

  • pirostore

    Thanks SO much for this Keith – it’s really great to see that you can achieve so much (because your photos are consistently good) in a relatively straightforward way. Great links, too

  • Loren Eaton

    If this moron comes near me or my family, I might have to go Charlton Heston on him! (And I don’t even own a gun;-)) And where is all this earth shattering data from his new Mass Spec machine? This is assuming he doesn’t put his eye out or something.

    • First Officer

      Did he poke his eye out yet with that machine?

  • Oh for Pete’s Sake

    New 3D Printing Filament Announced: Taulman T-glase Polar White, Co-Developed by Texas Inventor the “Health Ranger”

  • Jeffery Ahlstrom

    As a man who has been fighting sever bipolar depression for over thirty years, I am greatly offended by this chartliton. He is a homophobic, sexist monster who, in the name of science controls the lives of millions by poising their minds. So many, in an attempt to heal themselves turn to social media and sadly, run into morons like this jackass, and by the time they realize he is nothing but a fraud, it’s too late. I will do my part by dedicating the online and paper man hours required to shut him down once and for all. Please, if you have the same goal or are in the process and need an extra free hand, please, do not hesitate to contact me at
    Regards and appreciation.

  • Brad Scofield

    Good, you all just keep eatin’ that food and thinkin’ your lives are safe.

  • Goosebumps

    This guy is a scam. I just read a blog by him in which he was bashing the preservative methylisozolinone. He correctly stated it is a neurotoxin. (I am highly allergic. It gives me chemical burns!). BUT. In the nest breath he proclaimed to by Seventh Generation which is full of MI and one of the biggest scams of all. Get the word out!
    Risa Sutton

  • Taylor Y

    These are the most ridiculous lies I have ever read!! I do not agree with everything Mike Adams believes, but for the most part he is the most honest altruist person on the planet.

    • Michael Edmeades

      The first clear, sincere, knowledgeable, grounded and believable comment on this “comments” site!

  • Justin

    You show none of these traits… It is not unreasonable to think you’re a nasty piece of work Keith Kloor Zionist whore”The only time you should look down on someone, is when you’re trying to help them up”

    Let’s look at 20 good character traits that impact your happiness . . .

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  • tnycman

    I only agree with some Mike has to say, however he went way to far from Health Ranger to a lunatic, this guy is a completer scam artist, its a matter of time when he gets investigated for his fake and supposedly healthy products.. his behind belongs in jail. Is nothing about health anymore, excep when he wants to sell his garbage food..
    Put this clown in jail or lunatic house where he belongs.

    • 752858189

      And you do not site one thing to justify your claim that he is a lunatic. What did he say that caused you to say he is a lunatic?
      What garbage food does he sell? Give details as to what makes it garbage.

  • singingcowboy674

    I think Conservative. I don’t trust manstream science on anything that affects my life. “Mainstream” just means “Good ol boy”. And if you aint in the club or if you dare buck the system, you are black balled or ridiculed out of science. Even when you follow the steps. No credibility an operation like that in my book.

  • JOC

    He is absolutely the most annoying quack on the interwebs.

  • Jerry H

    You have disinformation troll farms & individuals taking both sides of every topic sowing deliberate confusion: pro and anti-Trump or anything that makes relatively open Western societies look bad. Enter cleancut all-American Mike Adams & his Health Ranger Nat. News delisted by Google not bc he’s “alternative” anti-vac, anti-Big Pharma, anti-GMO but bc he’s a cleaver lying Alex Jones type pro-disinformant like the character in the 2011 movie “Contagion” (selling”Nano Silver” “cures” for everything and nothing). Am I going to follow someone who calls himself the Health Ranger? Is it just a matter of natural medicine? No. I follow a few MD’s & non-MD’s who are far from Mike Adams. Is it a matter of differing opinions and views & 1st Amendment freedoms of speech? Far from it.

    There’s even the equivalent of Wikileaks making you think Adams is a nominee for Alt sainthood. A Mike Adams friendly all natural search engine. He’s enshrined right up there with Trump buddy, David Pecker’s National Enquirer and Trump buddy Alex Jones of Infowars whether he’s pro or anti-Trump.

    Right up there IMO with so-called “nonexistent” Russian fight club troll farm disinformation channels in plain sight by the thousands on YouTube. Who likely merged their RW messages with Alex Jones years ago in the “alternative” fringe political, health, pseudo science video sections. Psy-war videos specialize in bogus testimonials on US Govn’t sponsored mind control, real & fake MKULTRA, so-called chemtrails & Jade Helm FEMA coffins. Cleaver mixes of truth & lies. A bit too cleaver. These were always said to be paranoia channels by & for paranoids. Most likely not. They’re great for diverting attention from closed censorious Big Brother surveillance Petrostates like Putin’s Russia. In fact that’s their purpose. In Russia someone can now call Stalin a butcher in print wo getting sued by the family. Amazing, right?

    • 752858189

      And this long winded person throws mud while offering not one logical argument that would rebut anything Mike Adams says.

      • Realnoid

        I address the problem of MA & blizzard of lies strategy used too often in alt health, science and politics on thousands of YT channels for the purpose of turning YT & the Internet into a sausage fact-ory swamp. “Your one sentence 752blablabla comment could’ve been written via bot algorithm.

  • Clyde Wells

    How come none of the comments on this site talk about An enzyme called nagalase excreted by cancer cells that hides the the cells from the immune system. Or about 70 dead doctors that believed nagalase was being PURPOSEFULLY ADDED to the vaccines. And how about a little info on vitamin D. You folks are doing nothing more than trying to destroy someone’s character without talking about scientific data. Please help us that are trying to help ourselves.

  • BamaGirl

    What’s your point?
    Sure, Mike Adams may have gotten some stuff wrong.
    Who doesn’t?
    What do you suggest he do? Stop talking?
    His website has hands-down been one of the most eye-opening, accurate & well articulated with regard not only to health & wellness, but many “off-limit” taboo subjects many wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.
    And I’ve found them to be mostly accurate, his assumptions well-formulated and presented with legit studies by credible sources.
    While I do question his connection to Alex Jones (funded by Big Media, obviously a paid, “drama actor”), as well as the fact that he’s well … STILL ALIVE … I am SUPERBLY grateful to have found him, and consider him to be an invaluable resource with regard to finding truth in the profit-fueled HELL MAZE our once-trustworthy medical community has become.

    People who label others for critical thinking are obviously trained to do just that.

    Why do you think we automatically label any/everyone who does not believe “the official story?”

    U.S. gov’t & politicians LIE ALL THE TIME TO CITIZENS. This is 100% true.

    So why do we ostracize, name-call & avoid people who bring inconsistencies to our attention?

    This is a very important question EVERYONE should be asking themselves, and others.

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this author is on the gov’t “shill payroll,” (employees paid to influence social opinions using blogs just like this one … YES, they ARE real, gov’t does not deny this).

    Do YOU believe everything your gov’t/Fox/CNN tells you?

    Or is that just EASIER? Tragic how few people refuse to use the brain God gave them on anything besides work, video games & entertainment. TRAGIC.


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