Equal Opportunity Parody Please!

By cjohnson | July 19, 2005 4:56 pm

Well, I had this link as a link in a previous post. It deserves a post of its own, because I think it points up an important point somewhere under all the jolly fun. (It’s a fun jab at string theory. There are plenty of them these days. I and my colleagues in the field should not hide from them. It is rather flattering that they consider us worth the effort, so I will not shy away from pointing out the funny ones when I see them. The field can (and should be able to) take it.)

My basic point is this: All these male physicists were paired with actor counterparts. Why oh why was there no woman physicist/string-theorist paired with an actress? They just plonked Jessica Alba in there at random. Could they not have even tried to think of any? There are several women in string theory with as much stature as others of those mentioned in the parody. Can’t we think of actress counterparts?

So I think that they missed a trick. It would have been so much funnier, as it would have opened up more possibilities. Come on….a little imagination here. Can we have some entries/ideas coming in maybe? I want physicist/actor pairings, and maybe even plot synopses.


P.S. Lurking string theorists (male or female) who want to make harmless suggestions for female string theorist/actress pairings but feel uncomfortable doing so publicly are allowed, just this once mind you, to comment anonymously or using a pseudonym!


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