physicists conquer google

By Risa Wechsler | July 28, 2005 1:13 am

You gotta love google. This is just too funny. A mere week and a half after going live,
cosmic variance is now the number five four two hit for “brad and angelina”. Or perhaps Sean has even more of a hits obsession than even I realized, and he did this on purpose.

Update: thanks to Stein for the gratuitous link, which along with this post is probably what got us up to number two, without quotes, and number one, with quotes!

  • Robert

    strange enough you have to google for “brad and angelina”, “brad angelina” is not enough although I always though words like “and”, “is”, etc are immedidately dropped from querries if not put in parenthesis. Searching with and produces the hint The “AND” operator is unnecessary — we include all search terms by default. and links here.

  • Fzplus

    I believe that the google algorithm takes into account things like search entry proximity, and stuff. Brad Angelina probably gives a boost in relevance to the words ‘Brad Angelina’ next to each other.

  • Sean

    Just wait for my treatise on Paris Hilton.

  • Clifford

    Oh, was that where you stayed on the European trip you recently did, and from where you sent the first posts at the launch of the blog? How nice.


  • ComanderKeen

    You’re number four now, unless you count the dummy “news on google” link that starts every search

  • Sean

    We are also #1 for “bawdy strumpets”. No holding us back now.

  • Steinn Sigurdsson

    You are now #1 – if you include the “brad and angelina” – quotes “”

    That was easy.

  • Trevor Chapman

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  • Mr. Smith

    google corruptors! :)

  • Count Iblis

    Google for ”failure” and you won’t be surprised. :)


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