Trapped on Sofa

By cjohnson | August 13, 2005 8:53 pm

shiny carsWell, I went up a mountain again, it being the weekend in Aspen and all. (Ah, there goes my audience!) Buckskin Pass, perhaps a little too fast, and with a long detour up some rather remarkable scree fields. This is one of the trails you can get to using the bus, and on the way I stopped at Aspen Highlands to change buses. It’s a sort of twee shopping mall-ette, but during the Winter it is an access point to some of the ski slopes, I understand. What do people do there during the Summer? Not sure, but there were people there polishing their cars obsessively. Really obsessively. Have a look. (There was a hand-written sign saying “Car Expo”, so I guess later on people were to come and gawp at them.)

viewhumphreyAnyway, there were some nice sights, and I chose to go on my own to get some time to think. waterfallsI’m rather stuck on a computation, and am a bit frustrated, and so walking semi-aimlessly helps. Actually, I wasn’t on my own all the time – I chatted with my buddy Humphrey a bit (picture right and up ). But somehow the conversation kept turning to food, and so I had to walk away.

As a result of my exertions, now my body (legs especially – negotiating scree, you see) is not cooperating, and I’m stuck on the sofa until I recover, or until I get so hungry I’ll drag myself to the kitchen. So I’m going to write a post or two for the blog – and oh! – there’ll be some science. In preparation for physics I’ll tell you about next, do look at the pictures of the pretty mountains, etc (one is of the famous Maroon Bells with Maroon Lake in foreground.).



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  • JoAnne


    After my ordeal, I found that a nice warm bubble bath helps alot. But, nonetheless I am presently sitting on a sofa….

  • Clifford

    Ah! Bubble bath. Good idea, but none in this apartment. Still on sofa writing mammoth blog post instead… Hope the hike down was not too terrible!


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  • Sean

    Wow, these stories really make me feel sorry for you guys up in the mountains. I do wonder what the next hardship will be. Masseuse too chatty? Champagne insufficiently chilled?

  • Clifford

    No bubble bath. Major hardship.

    I forgot to mention that it briefly snowed on me while up there. (I got hit by oh….. ten flakes or so!).


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