Two funny things…

By Sean Carroll | August 17, 2005 11:06 am

…mocking fundamentalist Christians.

  1. The Onion: Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity with new “Intelligent Falling” Theory
  2. Pandagon: Guys Be Drivin’ Like This, Chicks Be Drivin’ Like That

This is why I feel sorry for the folks at the Onion. They try their best, bless ’em, but the reality is always more amusing/horrifying than the parody.

  • KenL

    Following the link on Pandagon was like having my brain scrubbed out with steel wool. Yet another in a long series of articles explaining why complete and utter subordination of a wife to a husband results in “successful” marriages.

    Now I’m covered in stupid. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

  • Vincent

    Be sure to check out the comments at Pangagon too, they are really funny. Like this one from Ras_Nesta :

    Oh, sure, Christ acquired salvation. But did he make good time? He probably asked for directions, like a wuss.

    True, good time is what matters here.

  • Athena

    Nearly choked on my coffee from laughter when skimming the wifey “tips” article, and then this, ahem, sobering insight:

    “Men are not women. They differ from us physically, emotionally and psychologically. They process information differently than we do; they communicate differently; they have different basic needs.”

    Well, I am grateful for the physical differences, but omigosh, different basic needs too! Perhaps more specific physiological needs than those in the lower levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy. Food, water, and air really are not definitive enough — what would the author recommend as the essential source of nutrition for men? Beer and nuts? Wine and cheese? Marshmallow fluff and peanut butter?

  • José

    “Intelligent Falling” reminds me of Feynman’s first lecture on the Character of Physical Law:

    The next question was — what makes planets go around the sun? At the time of Kepler some people answered this problem by saying that there were angels behind them beating their wings and pushing the planets around an orbit. As you will see, the answer is not very far from the truth. The only difference is that the angels sit in a different direction and their wings push inwards.

  • Savyasachi

    Whoa! I had posted something similar to the Onion article in my blog yesterday: This is what I said:
    You know how ridiculous that sounds to a Physics student? The same as this:
    Newton’s Law is wrong; the force of attraction is proportional to 1/r, and not 1/r-squared. Its just that Nature has a “hidden agenda” and wants to keep this fact from us, that is why it disguised a 1/r force as a 1/r-squared force. Furthermore, also because of its “hidden agendum”, Nature has disguised what was a repulsive force as an attractive force by manipulating our senses…..

    Quite like the “Intelligent Design” theory doing the rounds in the US, I think…..

    Glad the Onion came up with something more hilarious…..

  • Jackie M.

    If you haven’t seen it already:


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