Love vs. Hate

By Sean Carroll | September 15, 2005 7:53 pm

Can’t say it much better than Jay Ackroyd at TPMCafe, so I’ll just quote in full:

All Hail Barney Frank

Last year, Barney said (I don’t have a link) that he was perfectly okay with the MA legislature passing an amendment banning gay marriage. He said that by the time the process was complete, (two consecutive legislative passages and a statewide vote) nothing bad would have come from anybody getting married. And so the amendment would die of its own weight.

NYTimes quotes lawmakers saying that he was right.

Like I’ve said all along, love and commitment will always, eventually, win out over bigotry and hate. It’s gratifying that it took so little time for the people of Massachusetts to realize that.

Congratulations to everyone in Massachusetts, this is a great step forward. Now if we could win approval for Plan B contraception, preserve the right to get an abortion, and convince everyone to leave the Catholic Church, we’d really have anti-sex conservatism on the run.


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