Sunday Shopping in Hollywood

By cjohnson | October 2, 2005 4:02 pm

Just got back from Hollywood’s farmer’s market. Ooooh yeah. A weekly street party while you get the shopping done. Here there’s, for example, good live music (the buskers are actually good and not just playing three chords on loud rock guitar – Santa Monica buskers take note), fun things for kids to do, free movie test screenings to be had, etc. Here, gender takes values in a continuum as opposed to a discretuum, and overall it’s a much more diverse and, yes, fabulous crowd.

shopping from Hollywood market

Do make comparison to yesterday’s haul if you wish, but there’s no intentional significance in it. Also, I just realised that I left out of the photo a crop of lovely peaches and nectarines. Too heavy for the basket. No, I’d not seen purple cauliflower for sale before today either. Very interested to try.

Off do do some physics now. Will tell you about some of it shortly, I promise.


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  • Nathan Lanier

    Man that looks outstanding.

  • Sam Gralla

    Is this the one in west hollywood? good for a gender continuum :)

    I’ve never been but my dad has mentioned it I think.

  • janet’s cat

    Vegetables? Where is all the fisssssh?

  • Clifford

    No Sam, it’s in proper Hollywood. Not the Beverly Hills snuggle-up. The rougher, grittier sort of Hollywood. Across from the Arclight, in fact. Near Sunset and Vine. Or Hollywood and Vine. Half a big block West of that. Stretching between Hollywood and Sunset, in fact.

    Come. It is great.


  • Clifford

    Janet’s Cat:

    The cold hard lands
    they bites our hands,
    they gnaws our feet.
    The rocks and stones
    are like old bones
    all bare of meat.
    But stream and pool
    is wet and cool:
    so nice for feet!
    And now we wish –

    Alive without breath;
    as cold as death;
    never thirsting, ever drinking
    clad in mail, never clinking.
    Drowns on dry land,
    thinks an island
    is a mountain;
    thinks a fountain
    is a puff of air.
    So sleek, so fair!
    What a joy to meet!
    We only wish
    to catch a fish,
    so juicy-sweet!

    (Sung by Gollum in The Two Towers, by J.R.R. Tolkien)

    PPCook: I know, I know.


  • Pyracantha

    They LOOK good, but how do you make vegetables TASTE good? I have trouble eating them, they all taste bitter to me.

  • Michael D

    Out of interest, are those vegetables also available in a supermarket and if so for less/more? quality?

    (vegetable eater from australia wondering whether he could survive in the US…)


  • Clifford

    Pyracantha: If you don’t like vegetables, how to make them taste more the way you like depends upon how you cook them. There’s a lot that can be done. Also, there’s a wide variety of flavours in the vegetable world to choose from. Bound to be something you like out thre.

    Michael D: Some are, some aren’t. Quality varies. Rare to get in a supermarket stuff as consistently good as that which was picked off the tree that morning by the person you’re buying it from. But you can do well for vegetables in several supermarkets here, and cheaper.

    There’s no shortage of thoughtfully good food in the USA, but in some places you might have to make a bit of extra effort to find it. Maybe pay a touch more. But it’s there.

    Purple cauliflower is delicious, by the way folks!



  • Matrix

    Purple vegetables are generally rather good. I look forward to trying this myself in due course.

    cmj & matrix

  • janet

    Clifford: If Gollum had been fluffy and cute, he would have been unstoppable….

    Pyracantha: All vegetables taste bitter to you? That’s interesting. I wonder whether it’s a physiological quirk of yours, or whether it’s the vegetables. It might help (if you’re not already) to get hold of some really fresh vegetables. After they’re picked the sugars start to turn into starch, so corn, carrots, or tomatoes that have been lying around for a while are markedly less sweet than when they’re fresh. At big supermarkets frozen vegetables are often your best bet, because they’re generally picked ripe and frozen soon afterward, while the fresh ones are often picked green so as to survive shipment. On fresh produce, check where things are grown — often the labels say where they’re from — and stick to locally grown, or at least grown in the same hemisphere. Also, don’t cook them too long: green vegetables in particular should still be bright green when you’re finished cooking them. Globe eggplants are the bitter ones; any eggplant that’s long and thin (e.g. Japanese eggplant) is a better bet; go for red or yellow peppers, not green.

    If all else fails, herbs and spices could help.

    Matrix: I find purple bell peppers almost inedible — way bitterer than the green ones — but that’s not a mark against purple vegetables in general.

  • Clifford

    Hi Matrix and cmj!

    Also found purple ocra, believe it or not. Also tasty.

    Janet: I grew one purple pepper this year. Hoping for more.


  • janet

    Pretty pepper! Is it really that shade of pinkish-mauve? Looks like some of the lighter-colored varieties of Asian eggplants.

  • Clifford

    Yes. Strangely, it only ever produced one. I’m still waiting for another. It’s very sad that I only got one.


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