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By cjohnson | October 25, 2005 7:39 pm

margo apostolos of USCThis is a reminder to mark your calendars for October 30th. Recall my post on the Categorically Not! series of events held at the Santa Monica Art Studios. The first one of the new season was a tremendous success, and I described it here.

Well, the next one of the new season is on Sunday. Here is K.C. Cole’s teaser:

Normally we think of space as an empty canvas—bland, passive and static. But Einstein taught us that space is elastic; it can wiggle and warp; bend light; cause objects to fall to the ground. Modern day physicists envision universes with up to 10 dimensions of space folded into complex shapes like so much Origami. Actors, athletes and dancers also explore space, using their bodies to make space palpable, filling it with structure, tension and emotion. Most basically, spaces are the places we inhabit; they can bring us together or keep us apart. The space we’re in determines, to a large extent, both our perspectives and our possibilities.

For our October Categorically Not! Case Western Reserve University physicist Lawrence Krauss—author of the popular books The Physics of Star Trek, Atom, and most recently Hiding in the Mirror—will explore our longstanding love-affair with the idea that there is more out there—literally—than meets the eye, perhaps tucked away in extra spatial dimensions. From a more down to earth perspective, USC geographer Michael Dear, who has just completed a 4,000-mile exploration of the US-Mexico border, will talk about the way we create ‘place’ out of ‘space’ in our personal lives, communities and our world. Without geography, he wisely says, there would be no society. Bringing in the artistic dimension, we have Margo K. Apostolos, [picture top left, USC news] Director of Dance at the University of Southern California and former NASA Faculty Fellow at JPL; Margo works not only with human dancers and athletes, but also (dancing?) robots. She will discuss dance as an art of space, time and motion.

As usual, it is held at the Santa Monica Art Studios, come at 6:00pm for drinks, cookies and a look around the space, and there’s a 6:30 start. For more information, visit the Categorically Not! website.

Hope to see some of you there!


P.S. In view of last time, please send pointed critical remarks about the above quoted blurb to KC Cole, and not to me, thanks. However, discussion and exploration of the ideas within it are welcome in the comment section, as usual.

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  • Donna

    Very Cool! I would love to get something like this going in San Diego!

  • Plato

    From a artistic point of view, there had to be some vision other then traffic to help us see that valuation of what clocks can mean? It’ll be interesting to see what his opening will be in conjunction with the other indivduals that will make up this presentation.

    LAWRENCE M. KRAUSS:The insights that Einstein’s theories have given us about the basic workings of the cosmos, on scales as large as the visible universe itself, and going back to theearliest moments of the Big Bang, are invaluable to our understanding of nature and themselves should justify the support we provide for continuing research in general relativity and cosmology

    Of course we all noticed his new book? :)

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