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By cjohnson | November 22, 2005 12:38 pm

In the same Singh article in the Guardian that I mentioned in the previous post, there is a quiz. Nice to see. I’m not really sure what its purpose is, but it does not have to have one. Why not have a go at it yourself?

It is entitled “Do you know your Newton from your neutrons?”:

1. A metal plate is heated to 200C with a bunsen burner. It subsequently cools by emitting what kind of radiation?
a) Ultraviolet waves b) Gamma rays c) Infrared rays d) Radio waves

2. You’re in the back of a stationary car with a helium balloon. When the car accelerates, which way does the balloon move?
a) Forwards b) Backwards c) Up d) It doesn’t move

3. What two properties of a particle does Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle say you can’t measure at the same time?
a) Energy and mass b) Position and momentum c) Position and mass d) Momentum and velocity

4. A skater is spinning on a spot with her arms outstretched. What happens when she pulls her arms in?
a) Nothing b) She changes direction c) She spins more slowly d) She spins more quickly

5. A big wooden ball and a small ball bearing sit at the top of a slope. When they are released, which reaches the bottom first?
a) The wooden ball b) The ball bearing c) They both get there at the same time d) Depends on the masses of the balls and the angle of the slope

6. If the Sun were to disappear right now, how long would it be before we noticed?
a) Straight away b) About 8 minutes c) Just over an hour d) Almost a day

So, how many did you get right? Do you care? I’m sure we can all discuss the answers if you’re interested…..

(Answers at end of the article at source.)


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