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By Sean Carroll | January 13, 2006 11:58 am

No sooner does one empire crumble than another rises in its place; such is the way of the blogosphere.

The folks at Seed magazine (who have their own blog at Sciencegate) have launched ScienceBlogs, a project to bring together a bunch of different science-oriented blogs at a single site. Several of our favorite sites have picked up and moved over to the new digs, including Pharyngula, Chris Mooney’s The Intersection, Uncertain Principles, and Dispatches from the Culture Wars. The content of each site won’t be changing, but the various site owners have decided it would be nice for someone else to worry when the server crashes. To me, the great thing about the project is that it will bring more attention to some blogs I don’t already know about. (We here at CV enjoy nothing more than complaining to our host when the server crashes, so we’re going to stay a plucky little independent.)

Meanwhile, the bloggers at Quantum Diaries have shut off the lights and gone home. You can still read the archives, but no new posts or comments. Some of the QD bloggers have moved to their own little corners of cyberspace: Peter Steinberg is now at Entropy Bound, while Gordon Watts is now at Life as a Physicist. Anyone else? There have to be more diarists who have caught the bug and started their own blogs.

While we’re at it, let’s point to a couple of other physics-oriented blogs that recently were added to our blogroll: BioCurious by Andre Brown and Philip Johnson, and Thoughts on Science and Life by Kasper Olsen, who recently made the switch from Blogspot to WordPress. We heartily approve.

  • Chad Orzel

    I should point out that the organizers have said that they’re looking for more people to join up, so if there are Quantum Diarists (or others) out there who’d like to continue blogging, they can contact ScienceBlogs about joining. The site’s only been live for a few days, but they’ve been very easy to deal with to this point, and it’d be nice to have someone else in the Physics category on the site…

    In the shameless self-promotion vein, let me note that I’m soliciting nominations for the greatest physics experiments as a complement to Clifford’s “Greatest Paper” vote, and more suggestions would be welcome.

  • Clifford

    Chad Orzel….. I might be joining you there, so you won’t be too lonely. I’ve been chatting with the orgnaisers for a while about it…. The plan is to do posts here at CV as usual, and some more (maybe of a different sort, maybe not) over there too.

    We shall see how things go. It’s exciting!!


  • Anonymous

    So many blogs! How does one surf them all and still get work done?


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