Betty Boop Day?

By cjohnson | January 25, 2006 2:40 pm

betty boopSo I was sitting on the bus reading and annotating my lecture notes on electromagnetic inductance for a lecture I was going to give 15 minutes later. A woman got on wearing a very short strapless red dress and medium height heels. She had short curly black hair. She seemed familiar in a way, but I could not place why, and she passed me and sat somewhere at the back of the bus. I carried on reading my notes. A few stops later the woman stood up and stood near the back door waiting for the bus to stop for her. I looked at her again, and it hit me. “She’s dressed a bit like Betty Boop, how funny!”, I thought to myself.

Then I noticed her little black handbag. I noticed the little mobile phone dangling from it on a strap. Then I noticed that it was a Betty Boop handbag. It had the ‘ol gal herself pictured on it, wearing the classic red dress – identical to the one the real person was wearing. She stepped off the bus and disappeared into the city.

I got to thinking about why on earth she was dressed that way at 8:45am? I googled to see if it was Betty Boop day or something but it does not seem to be. With a violent shake of my head I quickly dismissed the idea that she was actually Betty Boop (apparently -why not?- from Puerto Rico, or maybe Cuba, given my guess at her ethnic origin).

So I’ve no idea….. Thoughts?

I’m just chalking it up to the wonderful randomness of living in a huge city like LA with a diverse culture and all sorts of things going on. I love it.


(P.S. I borrowed the image above from this site, where it seems you can get an awful lot of stuff associated to Ms Boop.)

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