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By Sean Carroll | January 25, 2006 2:13 pm

I’m sure we have a slew of budding Pynchons and Stoppards out there in the CV audience. Here’s your chance to break into the big time: the Second Annual Seed Magazine Fiction Supplement.

In the June/July issue Seed will publish its Second Annual Fiction Supplement. We are not looking for traditional Sci-Fi — we are looking for fiction that reflects the significant role science plays in our culture; fiction that uncovers the rich narratives in science; and fiction wherein scientists are fallible and human. We are looking for Science-In-Fiction, Fictional Science and Scientific Fiction — in the tradition of Andrea Barrett, Richard Powers, Margaret Atwood and Alan Lightman, writing that brings new meaning to our understanding of Science Fiction.

Scientists are fallible and human? Sorry, can’t help them there. Remember, if anyone who reads this post goes off and writes a story that gets into the magazine, we want to hear about it.

Update: Apparently we’re talking about an entire genre of fiction here — LabLit. (Via grrlscientist.)

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