Real Presidents

By JoAnne Hewett | February 20, 2006 10:21 pm

Here I am in DC to fight for the future of physics. It’s interesting to be here on President’s Day (naturally, everybody else had the day off!). I arrived early yesterday, it was a bright and sunny (albeit COLD) day, and my spiffy brand new camera was burning a hole in my backpack. What better to do than take my camera to the Mall? The National Mall, that is. And contemplate the vision that these honored Presidents had for our country. Here they are:

I wandered about, attempting to master the complicated array of buttons on my camera, and I couldn’t help but wonder (i) where the great leaders are now – we are certainly in need of them, and (ii) whether these guys are turning over in their graves. Surely they must be wondering what the heck has happened to the principles they founded this country upon.

And, the new camera works quite well, doesn’t it….

  • Sean

    All the great leaders now are blogging.

  • Mark

    Nice pictures! Good luck fighting the good fight.

  • A

    Good luck!

  • Tom Renbarger

    I ran across these President’s Day musings at 3quarksdaily. The author is being entirely too modest about his efforts. My guess is that during Fall, 1862, there were lots of people asking the question about where the great leaders have gone. Not that any of our recent presidents measure up to this standard, but who knows how history will judge them?

  • Plato

    oh, Jo Anne, Sean needs to look at how you have your pictures set up, as the width is influencing where we see the index on the side

  • Belizean

    These leaders were almost without exception controversial in their own times and reviled by huge numbers of their fellow countrymen. It was only with the hindsight of history that they became “great”.

  • damtp_dweller

    Speaking of presidents, Larry Summers just resigned. There’s an official announcement from Harvard available.

  • JoAnne

    Hi Plato, I’ve now tried to adjust the picture size. Of course now they all look like postage stamps on my browser….I just don’t get this picture thing.


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