Religious kids have all the fun

By Sean Carroll | April 8, 2006 10:34 am

From Ernie’s 3D Pancakes, perhaps the best holiday gift ever — the Plush Plagues Bag for Passover!

Plush Plagues
Yes, you can have soft fuzzy representations of each of the ten plagues sent by Yahweh to annoy the Egyptians into letting Moses and his people go. Types of pestilence represented include:

  • A spooky eyed drop of blood
  • A Frog — for frogs, of course
  • A Giant Lice for lice.
  • Cow for cattle disease
  • Black Locust for locusts
  • A white satin lump of hail
  • A black cube of darkness
  • An icky boil on a piece of flesh!
  • A snarling lion’s head for wild beasts
  • and last of all a very sad head – for death of the first born.

Descriptions taken verbatim from the vendor, who goes on to say — “The frog, lice, cow and locust wriggle and roll their eyes, quiver, buzz and move when you pull their string and are apx 4.5″ long.” With toys like this, how come Judaism isn’t the world’s most popular religion?

I mean, seriously. A black cube of darkness! With eyes. Nothing could be more awesome than that.


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