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By cjohnson | April 11, 2006 10:45 am

Well, what can I say? I normally don’t put photos of myself here much. Sparing you. But this photo shoot was fun. Perks of the job for all concerned. We took tens of photos, and this is the least of them. I’ll try and get you one of the more professional shots to giggle at.

What was the photo shoot about? Never mind, I’ll tell you later. All I know was that at some point (about 5 seconds into the shoot) the whole thing degenerated into a sort of comedy act (with me the straight man), and there were all kinds of poses cooked up by my creative team-mates, KC and Tara, encouraged by the photographer. team shot

So you get to make up your own stories about what this is for:

A new local TV news show?

(My favourite:) A new crimefighting TV show? (“Law and Order – USC”, or maybe an annoyingly stupid misspelling like: “Alg3br4”)

A new blog team?

A new fashion show for academics? (“Gravitational Dressing”…..)

(My other favourite:) A new science news TV show? (“Serious Science, for Serious People”; Tagline: “We read the science news so you don’t have to!”)

I could go on, but I have errands to run…. and I’m pretty sure you can do better.


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  • Robert the Red

    How about “L.A. Math”?

  • Rufus

    Why is the blonde lady looking so mean?

  • Elliot

    How about “25” where a group of physicists using time dialation from relativity to create an extra hour in the day where a special government agency can work secretly without detection to keep America safe from threats at home and abroad, AND Jack Bauer can grab an hour of sleep.

    P. S. Keifer Southerland just signed a multi-year production deal with 20th Century Fox, so he “might” be interested in something like this 😉


  • Clifford

    Nice idea:- I want to see an episode of 24 where Jack Bauer is just sitting around in his dressing gown reading the paper or “goofing off on the internet” (reading blogs, maybe?).

    Just one hour where the world(=LA in that show) is not in mortal danger would be nice.


  • Clifford

    The blonde lady is looking mean since she was putting on the “stern, serious newsreader” look, for fun.


  • Cynthia

    What kind of theme music are you going to have for this pilot mini-series?

  • Jeff

    I think you and KC are doing a 60 minutes type show, but instead of an hour to fit all the science news in, you’ve got to squeeze it all into the planck time scale. Which is why there will be no commercials.

  • Elliot

    every week after watching 24 I’m exhausted (but in a good way…)

    Actually here’s an alternative idea where the 3 of you are founders of a hugely sucessful tech company ala Google with a market capitalization of 50-100 billion. Then you all cash out for multi-billions of dollars and form a foundation funding all kinds of fun projects (science, music, arts etc.) Each week its another pitch for a grant and then the 3 of you decide whether to fund it our not…. Kind of like American Idol meets the the McArthur Foundation.

    Now that would be fun.


  • Spatulated

    the judges of a new series of grad student…. 10 go in one get a doctorate….

  • janet

    It’s a tough group of scientists-turned-amateur-detectives investigating crimes against science. Inspired by their love of truth, justice, and the scientific method, they delve into the shadowy world of pseudoscience, exposing hoaxes and misinformation.

    Though I have to admit my first thought was “Clifford’s Angels.”

  • Clifford

    janet:- I love the title. Only problem is I would just sit around doing nothing. That’s no fun.

    Combining Elliot’s second idea with Spatulated’s idea is good. Could be sort of like a scienced-up version of “The Apprentice”…..Except it would be called either “The RA” or “The Postdoc”. Wow. I’m off to shop this around the studios now!


  • Supernova

    I’ve been thinking of trying out for “America’s Next Top Astrophysicist.”

  • Pyracantha

    It’s THE MOD SQUAD! Now having adventures and solving crimes in an academic setting.

  • Frank

    Damn, someone took my “Charlie’s Angels” idea!

    Anyway, handsome as always, Clifford!

  • Clifford

    Hmmmm…nice, but my ‘fro’s not big enough.


  • Clifford

    Frank, thanks…you’re too kind.

    Well, Angels is taken, but there are plenty of other good ideas out there, I’m sure.


  • Amitabha

    “Strings and the membrane — a musical trio”?

  • Schwaumlaut
  • Spatulated

    snakes one a plane!!! that is going to be the best movie ever!

  • Plato

    Music playing in the background….

    So, Who You Going to Call!


  • spyder

    This is sitcom material all way, just look at those faces, on the verge of seriously losing it into puddles of giggles. Not “angels” but “three’s more than two turf.” Build on those odd-coupling shows, wherein a group of physicists try to get along, given that one expresses himself in only the finest queen’s english, one speaks southern dialectical american english, and the third is pure canuck or at least upper peninsula north. All living out of place in LALA land, wherein celebrity is more vital to a sense of well being and thus d-branes are assumed to be high fiber breakfast food when overheard in a late night jazz club.

  • Cynthia

    Spyder, I think I get your drift… A Redesign of “Three’s Company”

  • howard

    The new show’s name is “Quarks” — main characters are
    Beauty, Charm, and Strange. I leave it to you to assign faces to the names.

  • Clifford

    I’ll take Strange…. Please! Please…!


  • Samantha

    I like the reality show idea (following on from #8, #9 and #11): “American Grad Student”

    You are the judges of (initially) 1000s of grad students who each week are narrowed down until one of them is proclaimed the one top grad student in America (or just given a doctorate).

    Every week the students are set a challenge (perform a calculation in full make-up and studio lights in front of an audience?) and you judge their performance. Of course one of you has to be ultra lenient (all of the students are wonderful), one is in the middle and one is just plain mean.

  • Elliot

    Clifford Johnson —- Randy Jackson

    google the images.

    Hmmmm….. you be the judge.

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