Shameless Self-Promotion

By JoAnne Hewett | April 25, 2006 12:37 am

The past few days have been spent preparing a public lecture on the topic of extra dimensions. It’s somewhat difficult to explain the concept of dimensions, period, to the general public, let alone get them thinking about additional ones. Anyway, I’ve poured all my energy the past few days into this and we’ll see how it goes. I gave a dress rehearsal today – talk lasted one hour and the comments lasted 1.5 hours! Given that it was a room full of physicists, each with their own opinions on how to present things, that’s not so surprising.

The talk is Tuesday evening 25 April (7:30 PM, SLAC auditorium), and is part of the SLAC public lecture series. Here’s the cool ad:

Actually, SLAC does a great job on the whole with its public lecture series. The lectures are advertised on the local NPR, the auditorium has been known to overflow, and the lectures have been great. CV readers in the Bay Area should come check us out!

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