A Cold Snap?

By JoAnne Hewett | May 11, 2006 1:03 pm

The weather forecast for the peninsula region of the Bay Area, taken from the National Weather Service webpage:

Looks like the cold spell will be with us for some time:

Anyone doing a low-temperature experiment should head to the Bay Area for the weekend and leave your cryostat systems at home!

PS: Sorry these images are rather blurry – best I could do!

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/cosmicvariance/mark/ Mark

    Finally some justice.

  • adam

    I daren’t look to see what is in store for upstate New York.

  • anon

    PS: Sorry these images are rather blurry – best I could do!

    They came from a web page? Screen capture?

  • JoAnne

    Anon: actually, it’s a photo of a print-out of a web page…. This web page appeared at 6 AM (a time of day of which I am not aware exists) and a friend left the print-out in my mailbox.

  • CanuckRob

    Well that proves that global warming is just a liberal myth. -30,000 F is kind of unseaonably cold for California isn’t it?

  • adam

    Unseasonably cold for this universe. Colder than the reception that President Bush would get at a Pride rally (which temperature we might take as an alternative definition for Absolute Zero).

  • http://sourav.net/ Sourav

    Makes sense. The more you energy you pump into the Bay Area, the smaller your space of accessible configurations becomes.

  • JoAnne

    I’m starting to worry about my heating bill.

  • adam

    Stewart Granger recited this poem at some public event as a young man (according to his autobiography):

    Cold, Cold, Cold
    Cold as a frog in a pool
    Cold as the tip of an eskimo’s tool
    Cold as charity, and that’s pretty chilly
    But not as cold as our poor Willie
    He’s dead, poor bastard
    He’s dead.

  • http://countiblis.blogspot.com Count Iblis

    JoAnne, why not go back to India for the weekend, see here

    Clear. High: 116° F / 47° C Wind NW 8 mph. / 14 km/h.


  • janet

    Hmm, it’s nice and warm in the East Bay. These microclimates!

  • spyder

    Geez, it is perfectly lovely up here in the inland northwest. By Sunday it is supposed to be in the low 80’s, a far cry from the freezing temperatures of two days ago. And to think i was, just yesterda,y bemoaning the fact that i would not find enough adequate, outside heat to prepare for summer-tour season, that starts in CA in a couple of weeks.

  • Aaron F.

    “…actually, it’s a photo of a print-out of a web page…”

    That’s disgusting. ;)

    “Anyone doing a low-temperature experiment should head to the Bay Area for the weekend…”

    I’d think even non-low-temp people would be excited to experience temperatures a few thousand degrees below absolute zero… ^_^

  • Zeke

    -30000 is a poorly-thought out “catch all” sentinel value within the text formatters to indicate no data. Apparently the forecaster forgot to publish the low temperature grids to the web server.

    Another amusing text formatter incident involved the use of floats instead of integers. For about one-hour on a NWS web site, the text formatters were creating wind phrases using float values using waaay too many significant digits, e.g., “southeast wind 5.7612109-11.9176151 mph”

  • dilbert dogbert

    82 degrees in the shade on the south side of the house yesterday the 14th. This is Palo Alto! The weather guys are totally wrong!!!!

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/cosmicvariance/joanne/ JoAnne

    DilbertDogbert: Who can believe a weather forecast, anyway! Lucky for us this time, eh?

    Zeke: Thanks for the info. I was hoping somebody here could explain.


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