Jacaranda Time!

By cjohnson | May 24, 2006 4:55 pm

It is one of my favourite times of the year in Los Angeles. It rained a few days ago and so the air is clear, the sky is blue, and the sunlight is now clear and crisp on everything it touches. On days like this I cycle right past the bus stop and go all the way into work on the bike. There are flowers in gardens everywhere. (There are also wild flowers along the sides of the freeways, for drivers who care to look.) There are flowering trees all over the city.

In particular, there are several long stretches of many blocks all over LA that almost convince you that the city was going completely purple. This is because of the spectacular Jacaranda tree:

jacaranda tree

Learn more about this lovely tree here. I learned that the horticulturalist Kate Sessions (1857-1940) is responsible for importing and popularising the Jacaranda in Southern California. Learn more about her here and here.


  • http://arunsmusings.blogspot.com Arun

    Del Mar Avenue in Pasadena?

  • adam

    Been a lot of flowering of the trees here, although I have at the same time discovered that I am not entirely insensitive to large doses of tree pollen. Still, it’s worth it, I think.

  • Andre

    They are spectacular. Pretoria, South Africa, is so filled with them
    that it is known as the “Jacaranda City”. However, in South Africa
    they have been declared an invasive exotic, and no new plantings
    are allowed; even in private gardens you are liable to be fined if
    found out. Hopefully California is keeping an eye on the potential

  • Ruth Ellen

    For a spectacular view, find a tall building downtown. Go up high. Look out the window. The sidewalks are a beautiful smoky lavender from the dropped petals.

  • http://www.jumplive.com chimpanzee

    Yes, I was just gonna say that Del Mar Ave is like that. Caltech borders it, I think there are some near there. City of Pasadena has a program for “pretty trees”, you can’t cut them down. It’s been so dry here, that the Magnolia tree on my property has had large branches completely fall off! I don’t water the lawn, so basically by summer my lawn is dirt with “yellow grass”. LA is basically populated desert. You can find my house real easy from Caltech, it’s the one that looks like the one on The Munsters (1313 Mockingbird Lane), it looks like an “abandoned house”..according to my neighbor. I’ve only had a handful of people come inside in the 22 yrs I’ve lived here, & many of them get “spooked/creeped out”. I had one guy in a couple weeks ago, & he called me a “Mad Scientist”. “My reputaton precedes me”

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