By cjohnson | May 29, 2006 1:27 pm

I’ve always been under the impression that readers could pick and choose what they wanted to read here, by using the filtering tools provided, or just the scroll bar. In that way you can slice the blog to get any sort of flavour that you suits you. In line with what we’ve always said the blog is -or isn’t- about, and in line with my original statement of purpose, I’ve been trying to provide some snapshots about several aspects of what I do and get involved in as a scientist: academic life, outreach projects, thinking time, playtime, life in general, etc. This is in addition to a number of posts on science, the arts, and other ideas such as science education, science and the media, environment, etc. Throughout, I’ve tried to involve you, the reader in as much discussion, sharing, and sometimes fun and silly stuff, as you care to participate in. The idea was to sort of have a giant break room where we -scientist, non-scientist, junior, senior, professional, non-professional, here, there and anywhere- could come to and kick off our shoes and share from time to time, just like friends and colleagues do in person. I really thought that was all part of the mix, and that those who don’t like my contribution to this effort could simply choose to ignore it and read the other excellent material provided.

Well, it seems that I’ve misunderstood this, since I learned today that a number of my Cosmic Variance colleagues apparently don’t agree with the emphasis. Puzzlingly, rather than provide more of what they want to see, they’d like to see less of what I’m choosing to provide. I’m a bit stunned by this, but recognize that I could have gotten things wrong, so (after the next post I’m going to pop up in a few seconds) I’m just going to shut up for a while, saying thanks and au revoir to those of you who have read, enjoyed, participated, discussed, etc. Perhaps I’ll pop in with the ocassional post from time to time, but I think that for a while I’ll just sit back and leave the blog in the capable hands of my wise colleagues. Maybe in this way I’ll learn by example what they actually have in mind for the blog and, since it is a joint effort, toe the line.



[Update: I may have written the above a little too strongly, since some readers are under the impression that I’ve been censored, or that they have to make a choice of some sort. Gosh, no! The first wrong impression would not reflect well on my colleagues and I won’t have that. It was not my intention to give the impression that anybody wants to control the content of what I say. I apologize to my colleagues if I gave that impression, but I thought what I wrote was clear. As clarification, I placed this in the comments:

(1) This is not intended to be a beauty contest!
(2) There is no sense in which I have made “illegal posts” as one commenter put it, or have been in any way banned from posting anything. My friends are just concerned that the overall emphasis might have gone askew. I did not think that this was possible in view of the fact that readers can filter with the tools provided. We don’t agree on that, it seems. Disagreement is just fine. So -allowing for the possibility that I am simply wrong on this issue- I’ve made the decision -on my own and with no encouragement- to sit back for a while and give the others some space, in case that helps. I just felt I’d explain to you my reasons.

That’s all.

Actually, your constructive input -positive and negative- will be informative to all of us…. so please go ahead, but please keep in mind point number (1).


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