Thank You Evolution!

By Mark Trodden | June 28, 2006 6:46 pm

This will be old news to some people, but when I was back in England last week they were showing Guinness television ads that were short parts of an older ad that I had never seen, but about which my parents were raving. Fortunately, all things are available online, and this one is well worth seeing.

The ad combines two things I hold dear; a perfectly pulled pint of Guinness, and the theory of evolution. As described on the Guinness web site:

It starts with three friends enjoying a GUINNESS® beer in their local pub. We then follow them on an extraordinary backwards journey. The three guys travel back through time, as they walk they seamlessly go back down the evolutionary chain. They turn into Neanderthals, then apes, mammals, prehistoric fish, small dinosaurs and strange mole like creatures before ending up as mudskippers somewhere near the dawn of time. They take a sip from a muddy puddle and react in disgust.


  • Moshe

    I did not think there was a direct linkage between us and neanderthals, but I guess it’s the thought that counts…

  • Jesse M.

    Those ape-men could’ve been homo erectus…but humans definitely did not evolve from dinosaurs! Still an awesome ad though.

  • Amara

    It’s entertaining to discover from that Guiness web site what countries forbid viewing that ad, and under what circumstances. Those that want to bypass the Guiness web interface can view the older ad here. (Those that already saw the older ad can see an add-on “Extra Cold” at the Guiness web site.) I agree that the original ad is brilliant. When boing-boing featured it last October, I passed it around to family and friends in the States. Some told me that they were singing along…! Sammy Davis, Jr sings quite a catchy tune.

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