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By cjohnson | July 28, 2006 4:17 pm

Well, I was going to wait until Monday, since today is one of the worst days to launch a new blog, but one cannot hide from pingbacks.

In addition to my writing here on Cosmic Variance, I’ll be blogging over at a new blog called Asymptotia. It is still in an early stage of construction (I only completed the basic structures last night), but it should be able to handle some visitors if you’d like to go over and try the new furniture, kick off your shoes and visit for a while. You don’t need a hard hat any more, but some of the edges might still be a little rough.

What can you find there? Right now there are some pictures from the California State Science Fair, updates about the garden, and an architectural stop in Marseille to see one of Le Corbusier’s famous buildings.

Upcoming posts you’ll find there, which I’ll do over the weekend, I hope:

A report on an excellent talk here at Aspen’s Institute for Environmental Studies by Kevin Knobloch, the president of the Union of Concerned Scientists. The subject was Global Warming.

A report on a fascinating colloquium by Charles Stevens of the Salk Institute, given here at the Aspen Center for Physics yesterday. The subect was something like “How Theory in Biology is Similar to and Different from Theory in Physics”. He gives some lovely examples, including scaling laws in the architechture of the brain.


  • JoAnne

    Good luck with the new blog Clifford!

  • Clifford

    Thanks! -cvj

  • damtp_dweller

    Excellent news.

  • Arun

    Making a second career out of blogging?

  • citrine


    With the second blog, your presence could be simultaneously detected in two different places in cyberspace.

    Look forward to reading your blog.

  • Elliot

    Congratulations. It does sound like a new trendy place on Sunset Strip where the beautiful people (whoever they are!?) congregate. I am adding it to my bookmarks and look forward to visiting.

  • Moshe

    Very good, I will see you there sometime (good name, we all know all information is encoded in asymptotia…).

  • Mark

    Best of luck Clifford.

  • Supernova

    I’ll be there! Hope you’ll still post here occasionally too.

  • a cornellian


    I was very sad when you cut down on your posts here earlier.

  • Metztli


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